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2007 Chevrolet Aveo 1.5 LT Owner Review    

Engine: 1.5 Petrol, 55,000 km., Manual, Sedan 4dr,
Owning 5 years, Was buying as "New" - Will buy again
Author: Richard , Strand, Western Cape
Submitted: 09-03-2012

With its leather interior, climate control air conditioning, mags, ABS and all things that work electronically it certainly is a lot of car for your money and, in this category, it competes well against more expensive brands. Powered by the 8 valve 1500cc engine, this rebadged Daiwoo cannot lay claim to any performance records but, once up to speed the vehicle maintains a relatively good performance unless faced with steep mountain climbs where gearing down is a must.
The electronics in the interior are generally good but irritating small problems can occur like the display section of the clock which sometimes mysteriously disapears. The cabin and boot space is adequate except that the designers overlooked the space in the boot that is wasted by the area required by the two hinge arms which demand space when the boot lid is closed. (Oops there go those eggs in the shopping bag). The vehicle is well sprung and gives a comfortable ride. The climate control works very well once the correct temperature has been selected.
Fuel consumption is fair on the open road but a bit challenged in town driving dropping down from 8 to 10.5 L per 100 klms


Value for money. Comfortable to drive. Good looking car.


Somewhat lazy but fine once driving speed has been established.

Advice for a Buyer:

A great car for a small family where dad or mom are not power junkies. Try and buy with a service plan or engine maintenance plan in place. Ensure that a service record exists and have the services done at the correct intervals.

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Posted by: van der westhuizen
Submitted: 19-09-2012
Hi,i have been driving my 2006 aveo since new its clocked up to 205 000km so far with not a single problem,worst fuel consumption i have ever recorded was 8.5l on a 100km.fantastic car.