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2002 Fiat Palio 1.6 litre 16 Valve Owner Review    

Engine: 1.6 Petrol, 228,500 km., Manual, Hatchback 5dr,
Owning 10 years, Was buying as "New" - Will buy again
Author: Richard Barry, Strand, Western Cape
Submitted: 09-01-2012

A brilliant little runabout. Still giving excellent service. The powerful 1.6 liter 16 valve engine with its original exhaust system does not use a drop of oil. Even with the costs of all services and with normal wear and tear replacement items including Tyres, Clutch plates, Batteries (2) Brake shoes, and discs etc, the running costs have been minimal.


Nippy, reliable and ecomomical vehicle. Aircon, power steering and 2 x electric windows have functioned faultlessly. For its size the vehicle has a surprisingly usable boot size and the seats fold down to form mini station wagon when required.


Why did Fiat discontinue this line?

Advice for a Buyer:

Look for a unit with a full service history and make sure that all services were done using the recommended fluids and filters. Always do the Cam belt service when due and insist that new pulley tensioners are included as replacement parts. Keep the bodywork cleaned and polished.

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Posted by: Mickey
Submitted: 26-01-2012
My Palio`s injector light comes on and then it sounds and feels like it`s runing on two or three pistons only, it`s realy frustrating. What can be the problem?
Posted by: Shivwan replied to Mickey
Submitted: 20-10-2018
One of your spark plugs is getting wet because of mobil leakage in piston and bore compartment via valves or, could be ruined piston rings..
Posted by: Richard Barry
Submitted: 20-03-2012
You may have a dirty fuel filter or water in the fuel. Have someone check the fuel filter 1st. It is on the RHS at the back on the pipe coming from the tank. The connectors are a bit tricky so it is best to have a look at a new filter before you attempt removal. If this does not fix it best you go to a garage who has a diagnostic tester for your Fiat. Maybe costly but at least it can give you a pointer as to where to look. There are a number of sensors used by the Engine Management Unit and the report should pick up irregularities should there be any. Check under battery for signs of acid leakage. The main loom passes under this area and wires could be damaged by a spill. Always use recommended oils, coolants and hydraulic fluids. Service at correct intervals and replace critical parts like cam belts and related pulleys and tensioners when due. I use and can recommend JS Motors in the Strand for most of my servicing requirements.
Posted by: Alick
Submitted: 30-11-2018
Hi jus got a Fiat palio 1.6 s/wagon recently. I need to communicate with other owners of same kind of car or mechanics who specialize in same car.thanks