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2015 Ford 2015 model Owner Review    

Engine: 1.1 Petrol, 1,200 km., Automatic, Hatchback 5dr,
Owning Less than a Year, Was buying as "New" - Will not buy again
Author: Mrs Y. Dannheisser, Johannesburg/Mornside area, Gauteng
Submitted: 28-09-2015

I bought a new car out of the box, paid cash for the vehicle. This vehicle was bought as a cash deal.
I am very unhappy with this vehicle because on driving within in the complex it makes an extremely unpleasant noise coming from the engine side.

I have been back to **** dealership in which they asked me to record the noise. This noise does not appear to happen every day but now is becoming more frequent. I bought this car in July and the very next day I had the problem. A mechanic came out to look at the car and tried to ascertain where the noise came from without any luck.
I have been in contact with the dealer princilpal who appeared to be unaware of what was happening and is now asking me to keep a record of time, mileage and where this unsatisfactory noise came from. **** dealership had the car for 5 weeks and they said there was nothing wrong with the car . They had taken the car out without the noise happening.
The sales consultant appears to be uninterested and has not given us any help which I think is disgusting.
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I certainly would not recommend **** dealership to purchase a new Ford car

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Advice for a Buyer:

The ford is a good strong car with all the gadgets that go with the car, but I certainly would not recommend**** dealership to buy a new car, their salesmen will not help when there is a problem
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Posted by: Your name Maxwell
Submitted: 16-08-2017
Your message i bought a ford figo 2015 ambiete from a garage last year, the problem now when its petrol empty the gauge does'nt go up after refuelling is this normal?