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2011 Ford Figo 1.4 Ambiente Owner Review    

Engine: 1.4 Petrol, 2,500 km., Manual, Hatchback 5dr,
Owning Less than a Year, Was buying as "New" - Will buy again
Author: Jenni, Cape Town, Western Cape
Submitted: 13-02-2012

Since I haven't seen many reviews for Figos, I'll give quite a lot of info (all from my perspective of course), so apologies if it's a bit long.

In general this is a nice little car - nippy, good fuel consumption & pretty comfortable. It also looks attractive. I'm a 30-year-old female & it suits me well (though I wouldn't recommend it for someone very tall or large-build - I'm 5'8). I suppose I should mention that my previous car was a Ford Fiesta 1.4 petrol 1998 model, which I loved. My friend, who is male, also had a 1998 Fiesta, & is now driving the Figo & loving it - he commutes daily.

It has all the important basics - aircon, central locking (not remote - but this can apparently be upgraded at a Ford dealer - for a fee, of course), power steering, good petrol consumption, ABS brakes, airbags; plus some nice small things like mirrors on each sun visor, some nice little hollows on the dashboard for small things like coins, etc, cubbyhole with enough space for the service book, & a few other bits & bobs.

The car is a good entry-level basic car for someone who doesn't need a lot of fancy stuff but needs a good, reliable, efficient, nippy mode of transport that still looks nice & has the necessary small things inside it (like cup holders, etc.)
It pulls away well, unless on a steep hill & with aircon going, then it's a bit slower-going (pretty standard for a 1.4)

It's apparently basically the Fiesta 4th generation, and I think that if you liked the older Fiestas you will probably like the Figo.


- Comfy interior, enough space for me, my shopping, maybe a couple of small/medium suitcases, and another 1 or 2 (not very large) people. For its 'class' (i.e. comparing it to the other entry-levels like Kia Picanto, Chevy Spark, etc) I find the interior of a good size & it is comfortable & looks attractive.

- Aircon is nice & effective & car cools down quickly, especially if you set it to recycle air 1st. Demister is also really effective & quick.

- I like that the windscreen wipers have an intermittent setting that you can alter from 1 - 5 second intervals. The also cover the windscreen adequately.

- As mentioned, it has all the important basics, plus nice storage spots & a cup holder for the driver.

- Boot space is good - I can do monthly shopping & fit pretty much everything into it. I do training sessions for my work, & have to take a suitcase, laptop & a few other things - these all fit nicely into the boot.

- it feels nice & stable when driving shorter distances, & when speeding up & driving further, as well as when cornering.


- The sun visor is poorly designed, obscures your vision when you flip it down, & doesn't stay up very well - highly annoying in South Africa where you need it quite often. I'd rate this as the most annoying thing on the car & hopefully Ford will revisit this in the Figo's next incarnation! In my rating, I have given the Figo only 2 stars for design because of this (can you tell it really really irritates me!)

- The 'radio', while it does play mp3s, cds, etc, doesn't show track titles.

- Gear changes require a little finesse.

- As soon as you take your key out after you switch car off, the doors unlock - not great if you're in a dodgy area - easy to quickly lock them again though.

- As soon as you take the key out, the clock (which is on the radio face) & all dashboard LED info (eg mileage) also switches off.

Advice for a Buyer:

Test it out, take it for a good drive to see if it suits you.

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Posted by: Wally
Submitted: 17-02-2018
Sorry nothing good, I've got a 2011 ford figo and have a lot of problems with power steering,thermostat,cooling system,fan switch,Sorry nothing good to say,the car drives very lovely and is light on petrol.