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2005 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi SI 6-Speed Manual Owner Review    

Engine: 2.0 Diesel, 129,000 km., Manual, Hatchback 5dr,
Owning 7 years, Was buying as "New" - Will buy again
Author: Cobus, Centurion, Gauteng
Submitted: 15-02-2012

This car was by far the best all-rounder I've ever had. Its light on fuel. avg 7.5L/100Km. Driving down to the coast gives you around 6.5L/100Km and that does not mean that you can't have some fun along the way either. Max consumption was around 9.5L/100km but you'd have to be late for a meeting or child birth every day of the week to average that an entire 45L tank.

This car drives well, really well. It may not be the fastest or have the sportiest suspension out there, but it has just the right balance to be comfortable, quiet and make you poop yourself. Very stiff and well designed chassis.
Power comes from a 2L intercooled, commonrail, direct injection engine with a variable vane turbo. 100kw, 320Nm Torque 340Nm(when overboosting). 0-100Km 9.3s Top Speed 210Km/h. (So they say) This is the same engine found on the Citroen Picasso. Citroen C4. Volvo s40 2D. I cant say too much about the gearbox really. Its good I guess. It did everything I expected it to do, but did not stand out as something special.

It has ample space too. You can fit 4 beer drinkers in the back and at least 2 more in the boot.
Really good, comfortable family car and lots of fun to drive when the family is not in the car.

Servicing cost is middle of the pack I think. Other Ford parts are expensive though, because you can only get them from the agents AFAIK. Shame on you Ford!

In terms of reliability, I never had any unreasonable problems with this car. To be honest most of my problems were caused by poor service or negligence from the Ford agents.(In my experience)

Durable interior. Only when I looked at other cars of this age I realised how well this car ages. Leather looks as good as it was on day one. Perferated too, so that you dont sweat like a dog.

Bottom line. Loved this car.


Fun to drive.
Decent amount of space.


Bad experience with agents.
Paint chips easily.
It engine broke when driven through water.

Advice for a Buyer:

Dont drive through water. It destroys your engine.

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Posted by: Andre Geldenhuys
Submitted: 16-02-2012
Hi Guys Anybody that can advise me on the towing capacity of the 2l Ford Focus? I want to buy a caravan but is unsure about how big I can go! Pls assist, even Ford can help me! Regards Andre Geldenhuys