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2004 Ford Ranger 4000 Xle 4x2 P/u D/c Owner Review    

Engine: 4.0 Petrol, 144,000 km., Manual, Bakkie Double Cab 4dr,
Owning 3 years, Was buying as "Used" - Will buy again
Author: Danzen, Windhoek, Namibia
Submitted: 21-02-2013

An excellent vehicle both onroad and offroad.


The vehicle is a pleasure to own and drive.


Recently replaced the power steering pump, the crank pulley and rear pinion seal.

Advice for a Buyer:

The vehicle is no longer in production; when you buy secondhand make pretty sure you get value for your money.

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Posted by: gibson
Submitted: 03-03-2013
Im looking @ buying the same vechile. but im concerned about fuel consumption/