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1995 Honda Ballade 150 5spd Owner Review    

Engine: 1.5 Petrol, 10,000 km., Manual, Sedan 4dr,
Owning Less than a Year, Was buying as "New" - Will buy again
Author: Heinrich, East London, Eastern Cape
Submitted: 01-11-2013

Good car with enough space.


Good fuel consumption. Not expensive to maintain with the service plan.


It has a 42l fuel tank. The fuel gauge once went 3mm below the empty mark and when I filled the tank it only took 33l. It appears that one is not able to use the capasity of the fuel tank.
Clutch is slightly shuddering en gear box is make a slight noise.
The remote control alarm system does not beep and one activated one is never sure if the thing if acually on or not if you are already walking away from the vehicle ckecking

Advice for a Buyer:

You have to refill the 42l fuel tank quiet regular although the consumption is good.
One need to get use to the fuel tank which is in the middle of the car. The leg space infront is effected noticable in the begining but soon you will get use to it. The remote control alarm does not beep when opening nor closing

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