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2008 Honda Civic 1.8 I-VTEC Owner Review    

Engine: 1.8 , 150,000 km., Manual, Hatchback 4dr,
Owning 3 years, Was buying as "New" - Will buy again
Author: Daniel , Cape Town, Western Cape
Submitted: 13-07-2011

I bought this car in 2008 as my first car. I had some experience driving Honda Civics in the past so had an attraction to this car already. This city car is a looker. In terms of design and aesthetics, it scores really really high. Some people don't like the rear but i think when compared to other similar cars at that range, this is the most funky model, with all sorts of little details that will impress anyone. That's the good side, the little details. The board is spectacular, looks something like a space ship. It is a pleasure to drive and although I know would like to move on to a Sedan, i could easily stick to this model if i wanted to stay within this price and type range.


Aesthetics and design are excellent. Its a very good looking car. And very comfortable. It does well on the road both long and short distance. TOP choice, wouldnt have changed it in a million years if i were not moving to a sedan next.


Technical problems. Lights and transmission. I cannot say if this is the car specifically or a general problem with this model but after two years i had to change the transmission to a huge cost. Also, I had some electronic problems with some of the lights, typical of high-tech cars. I have driven it a lot, 150,000km in 3 years so perhaps these are things to be expected. The A/C has also broken down now after 3 years of use.

Advice for a Buyer:

Check transmission doesnt get stuck or act weird from the beginning.

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Posted by: Joel
Submitted: 05-09-2016
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