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2010 Hyundai Getz 1.4l Owner Review    

Engine: 1.4 Petrol, 31,000 km., Manual, Hatchback 5dr,
Owning 2 years, Was buying as "New" - Will buy again
Author: Camerone André, Somerset West, Western Cape
Submitted: 11-01-2012

The Hyundai Getz is a reliable and surprisingly practical little car. With a great shape and good looks the Getz is better than what people give it credit for. The interior is clean and spacious inside. It comes standard with central locking, front & back electric windows and aircon, so keeping cool in summer is never a problem. It has all the necessary features you need. A really nifty feature is the speed control for the windscreen wipers. Looking like a loaf of bread on wheels, the 1.4l litre engine is very willing and even fully loaded, it can easily get up to highway speed. The Getz is very roomy for four people, and there's a large, well-shaped boot. The fog lamps on the round bumper assist not only for better visibility, but also gives a sporty look. It's agile and easy to drive - making it ideal for driving around town. Been driving my Getz for nearly 2 years now and still very satisfied.


- cheap and different
- interior is clean and spacious
- very roomy for four people
- large, well-shaped boot
- easy to drive


The rear brakes can be a bit noisy at times, so keep an eye out for that.

Advice for a Buyer:

A perfect and cheap car to start off with. Performance is great and it's extremely economical. It's not the type of car that will fall apart inside or go wrong mechanically in a hurry. Cheap to run, spacious inside and a five-year warranty as standard, make it a good choice if you're looking for an affordable and easy car to drive.

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Posted by: Craig
Submitted: 13-11-2012
I have a 2004 1.3 Getz which i bought new. Have been driving it for 8 years now and have 150 000 Km on the clock. I am still extremely happy with my Getz. They are very economical and if you look after them they will look after you. Touch wood i have only ever had one problem with the car and that was when the gear cables snapped. R1500 later and i have never had another problem. i have the car serviced at the required intervals and i hope to get many more Kilos out of her.
Posted by: Raol
Submitted: 05-06-2017
I am driving a Hyundai Elaantra 1.8 Gls 2014 model. Great car, but seems not to take our bumpy roads quite well! A real bumpy ride, especially in the driver's seat when driving on our not too well maintained road. I am literally going up & down.