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2012 JMC Boarding D/C 2.8 TD 4x4 Owner Review    

Engine: 2.8 Diesel, 5,000 km., Manual, Bakkie Double Cab 4dr,
Owning Less than a Year, Was buying as "Used" - Will buy again
Author: Alex de Wit, Boksburg, Gauteng
Submitted: 05-02-2013

Good all round vehicle, build is solid, like any other, paintwork ok, interior comfortable, general quality ok would rather have a real isuzu dash. average fuel thus far is 11km/l which is much better than other brands especially for a 4x4. Still unsure of engine quality


good pricing, real value for money. old bakkie technology with new styling.


aircon not cold enough (outside temp was 31 deg. interior was 42 and it took an whole hour before getting to 26 deg). Radio unit not MP3 compatible, no speakers in the rear, no corrosion warranty (found it out after I bought it). no cupholders.

Advice for a Buyer:

dont expect the best, if you want a descent no fuss work vehicle this is it, if you want style and looks go japanese. this is a no nonsense, plain jane, you get what you pay value for money bakkie.

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Posted by: alta
Submitted: 28-02-2013
Hi there, do you guys also have a problem with the fuel gauge showing empty as soon as it reaches the half tank mark? Needle stops working and falls to bottom? Thanks
Posted by: Alex
Submitted: 10-06-2013
Not quite but when just before empty not even on the red line it cuts out because of no diesel...pretty embarassing as you think it will have a light or something.
Posted by: Alex
Submitted: 10-06-2013
Had the guys look at the aircon on last service and they seemed to have sorted it out. I still wonder if it is not better and have the Isuzu Cluster and dash put in. At least I should fit a decent radio in it because the existing one is real crap.