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Nissan NP200 (2015)

The car was not similar to other cars everything was the opposite of normal cars for example the wipers.window Winders went in the opposite direction to open and close

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Nissan 3.0 lt pickup patrol (2016)

4x4 performance , cool.

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Nissan MICRA 1.2 VISIA+ (2012)

I bought myself the Nissan Micra and I love it, it's surprisingly spacious on the inside, and has a lot of boot space for a small hatchback. Many of my friends also bought their first cars around the same time as me, and paid more than I did on their vehicles. My car has electric windows and remote central locking, and their cars don't, even though they're more expensive. I'm so impressed with Nissan, I now have my eye set on the Qashqai in 2015.:)

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Nissan Micra (2013)

I live in Hermanus and I bought a Brand New Nissan Micra 1.2 Visia+ for my mother. She drove the vehicle from here to Johannesburg and as she drove I asked her what is her experience of the vehicle. She said the vehicle is very comfortable to drive and is very light on feul.

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