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2016 Nissan 3.0 lt pickup patrol Owner Review    

Engine: 3.0 Diesel, 5,000 km., Manual, Bakkie Single Cab 2dr,
Owning Less than a Year, Was buying as "New" - Will not buy again
Author: Anthony Swart, Lusaka Zambia,
Submitted: 07-04-2016

4x4 performance , cool.


having owned an suv and wolf with same engine i purchased this one.


what is nissan thinking ? this engine is the biggest load of underpowered rubbish they have dared to fit in a vehicle! A 3.0 lt engine that is out performed by izuzu 2.5 double cab? Really???? im to shit scared to put a load in the back as i may cause road accidents, because it struggles to go anywhere normally. what is the turbo for?? show piece so they can load the price ???? a really dissapointing set up. my vehicle is for sale should anybody out there be stupid enough like i was to buy it.

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