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2012 Opel Astra 1.6 Turbo Sport Owner Review    

Engine: 1.6 Petrol, 120,000 km., Manual, Hatchback 5dr,
Owning 3 years, Was buying as "Used" - Will buy again
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Submitted: 03-01-2017

Okay, here is my little review of the car. It is one of best car to look at, it looks very good, boot space is impressive n rear seats can fold down to increase luggage space. Inside there r lots of storage compartments. Legroom, knee room n head room are good too. The finishing is great I luv the leather used in this car, I preference red stiches over the white ones though, but it's a pity, Opel only chose to supply the car with white stiches only. Dashboard is fine, however I'm not impressed with de single colour display, especially red, maybe blue would do. automatic lights, rain sensing waipers, dual zone climate control, ESP, traction control, Bluetooth connectivity.the ariconditioning system works well n it's a dual zone, very impressive. But why do I have to press four buttons to turn it off or on, i don't know, but it is so stupid n sometimes dangerous to operate it while driving.

Now on the driving dynamics. This car is very very easy to drive, the hill start assist works very well. The rear parking sensors works well, the engine is so powerful n I can feel it producing the 132 kw, bt I could also feel the gearbox refusing to send all de power to the front wheels. Selecting second gear from first is mission, bt u get used to it.the turbocharger works well from 2500 rpm, below that, the car feels like a 1.2 l naturally aspirated. You can drive it like a hooligan, it will allow you, it revs all the way to the rev limiter. The rear window is big enough for visibility. It is a heavy car, which affects handling a lot, but it helps for balance at high speeds. The A pillar is too big, which has a negative effect on visibility when turning


Lots of standard equipment
Value for money
Big space
Dual zone climate control


Turbo lag
Poor visibility when taking corners
Difficult to operate air conditioning

Advice for a Buyer:

Currently the car has depreciated a lot, if you find one, buy it, it's a good car

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