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2013 Tata super ace Owner Review    

Engine: 1.4 Diesel, 13,000 km., Manual, Bakkie Super Cab 2dr,
Owning 1 years, Was buying as "New" - Will not buy again
Author: Cyril, jo burg, Gauteng
Submitted: 12-01-2014

happy with load carrying capacity the bin is ideal and I fell in love with it power bad but it does the job


good innovation 1400 that does the job of a 2700 sized engine


disappointed as tata cannot control its temperature I took it back to them a new conversion kit valued R20000 was installed it still does the same driving long distance at 120 kpH the electric fan switch on if it is a three hour drive the fan will run the entire trip now what happens if the fuse fail or relay failure under warranty its fine out of warranty You got a choice of turning up your radio volume or suffer the humminig of the fan the bakkie seems either to struggle at 120 kph or the wind stream cannot reach the engine to blow it to prevent electric fan to switch on Ilooked under it and could not see the sump could that not be the problem as it is all wrapped up I like my bakkie a lot even though it is not designed to have a radio in it the door panels is thin no decent speaker can fit in it and why is it a two seater as my son 13 travels with me and he sits on the engine that was stupid designed as there is space

Advice for a Buyer:

speak to tata of the shortages I was also told their propshaft is also problematic put a extra seat redisgn the doorpanels to accommodate bigger speakers

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Posted by: EMANUEL
Submitted: 28-04-2015
Really impressed with the price of the vehicle,bit concerned if a 52 kw will be able to pull a trailer loaded with two cows? it's price vs power and reliability from competitors.please advice as i am not too technical on vehicle specs.