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2012 Toyota Fortuner Owner Review    

Engine: 3.0 Diesel, 123,000 km., Manual, SUV 4dr,
Owning 5 years, Was buying as "New" - Will not buy again
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Submitted: 24-04-2017

The car is great it has an even balance between performance and fuel consumption although the engine does not like to be revved hard and you notice the turbo lag higher in the Rev line it produces 120kw and 343NM of torque


Although it's a 4x2 you don't really feel it on gravel it's good for some off road but you should always remember that it has limited tractability. Engine is powerful even though car is full loaded


Ride comfort is very bad there are a lot of rattles in the cabin and you feel every bump on the road. Beige colour interior catches dirt too easily and if you press the Car too hard the gearbox/knob becomes a little tough to operate

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