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Aston Martin DB9 coupe

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MADE famous by Bond, James Bond, the Aston Martin is an iconic British sports car with a long history in the GT sector.

The arrival of the DB9 Coupé sees the most potent offering significantly enriching the brand’s heritage.

With around 60 percent of the body panels - new to the DB9 - plus key changes under the car’s classically beautiful skin, the DB9 combines looks with a fine-tuned performance engine.

The 6.0-litre V12 obtains Gen4 VH architecture hardware technology, which is tuned to suit the effortlessly luxurious character of the DB9. This results in an engine with more torque than ever before at 620Nm – up from 600Nm. Peak power is increased, too, and now stands at 380kW – an impressive eight percent increase on the previous DB9.

With that much power under its hood, the car sets off from 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds. The new DB9 has an EU combined emissions level of 333g/km - down from the 345g/km of the outgoing car and from a styling perspective, the DB9 adopts a fluid and pure form. Taking a classic Aston Martin GT silhouette as its base, the new DB9 adds a more pronounced rear boot flip to further enhance the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle.

The exterior design communicates a powerfully assertive yet elegant character. The surfaces display taught lines and subtle muscular forms that point to the underlying power of this renowned sports GT.

The timeless, new DB9 sits low and wide, visually planting the car on the road, communicating a clear athletic stance. The car’s inherent width is accentuated by the light catcher feature which runs from the lower front bumper and continues along the sill of the car creating a chiselled, determined look.

A large lower front grille feeds air into the standard Carbon Ceramic Braking system, while the front splitter also serves to visually widen the car. For those DB9 buyers in search of an even more sporty appearance, there’s now a carbon-fibre front splitter available as part of the exterior Carbon Pack.

Look a little closer and the true beauty of the DB9’s details becomes apparent. The front grille, for instance – inspired by the design of Aston Martin’s sold-out One-77 hypercar – features five horizontal vanes, chamfered to create an aerofoil profile.

Inside, as well as outside, the new DB9 becomes even more elegant and more luxurious. Unmistakably Aston Martin, the sporty GT’s opulently-appointed interior boasts authentic materials and the highest levels of attention to detail.

For instance, DB9 now comes with a new leather welt feature. Inspired by luxury leather goods, the welts have been designed and developed by Aston Martin’s master craftsmen.

A further demonstration of Aston Martin’s renowned attention to detail and craftsmanship can be seen in the jewel-like glass switchgear used throughout the interior of the sports GT. Details such as these clearly demonstrate the luxury sports car maker’s commitment to the use of authentic, high value materials.

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