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Asked to differentiate the GWM CB150 and Range Rover Sport, this may prove very difficult to many, especially a layman when it comes to cars, as both cars exude the same super flair and genuine comfort the CB150 presents. It is luxury at a different level, if not the highest level. With it, comes the power of choice by GWM, having presented the CB150 and CB150ME on the market for your choice. You can expect a car that satisfies both needs for practicality and individuality. With the CB150, GWM is offering an affordable alternative to drivers who want ample interior space and a car with personality, but are not in the market for an SUV.

GWM’s CB150 brings a dual face to urban driving.. With a super-spacious interior, sublime safety features and not-be-overlooked exterior, the CB150 gives you the better of more than one world. To quote the words of Henri Meistre, the Managing Director of GWM SA, he says: “….With the CB150 and CB150ME, GWM wants to prove that price-sensitive drivers don’t have to compromise on features, space or individuality.” It’s a real bargain at the high class of course.

The 1.5 litre CB150 comes with a fuel-injected GW 4G15 petrol engine. It reaches a maximum speed in excess of 165km/h and drivers will love the 7.2 liter fuel consumption for every 100km. It has a maximum power output of 77kW and produces a maximum torque of 138Nm, thanks to the fuel-injected 1.5 VVT motor.

The CB150 comes standard with power steering, as well as a five-speed manual gearbox. The five-door, five-seater CB150 is all about individual experiences. It has a huge windscreen, large front headlamps and grill and unique rear, which gives it a distinctive look, whilst it also offers space, convenience and comfort. Just under four metres in length, it is 1695 mm wide and measures 1634mm in height. It’s available in black, white, silver and blue.

Also coming as standard on the CB150 are the following features; air-conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, a frontloading CD- and MP3-player and Park Assistance driver and passenger airbags, ABS with EBD, side impact protection bars as well as immobilizer and remote central locking.

With the CB150ME, GWM has also gone the extra mile for drivers looking to put their stamp on their vehicle with the. “Manufacturer-approved options are no longer the domain of premium vehicle brands,” says Meistre. “With the CB150ME, we encourage owners to express their individuality by choosing the options that best reflect their lifestyle and personality, without paying through the roof.”

You can choose from individual striping, 17-inch rims and tyres, leather interior, suspension changes, to name but a few. The CB150 comes standard with a 3-year/100 000 km warranty and 2-year 24-hour roadside assistance.

When it comes to quality and drivability, contenders of the GWM will be beaten left, right and centre, because it is fair to say that GWM are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of built quality and drivability.

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