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Beauty can be packed in various forms. It has often been taken that the greatest beauty comes in the form of nature. While this remains true and debatable, what is an obvious fact is that the human hand has been able to manufacture extreme beauty and done so with great ingenuity, expertise, passion and zeal. Such great beauty that the human hand has manufactured which has baffled midget minds is the GWM Multi Wagon vehicle by Great Wall Motors of China. This 4x2 Wagon presents exceptional luxury and comfort, that most people have never been exposed to; but here is your chance to enjoy the ultimate luxury and comfort in the form of the MPV GWM Multi Wagon. The wagon derives it beauty from the crafty hand and ingenuity of the Chinese hand. Taking on the name of the historical Great Wall of China, the wagon is legendary and its design and make is historic and most exciting, a future vehicle which is at the base of its development.

Great Wall Motors provides the GWM Multi Wagon in two model variants; the Multi Wagon 2.2i and the 2.8 TDi, both models coming as 4x2 wheel drives. The wagon can be very intimidating, due to its stature and also the basic dark color on it, which does well with it. It’s a commanding vehicle, one that is sizeable and still has sophisticated beauty. The two model variants measure 5105mm by 1785mm in length and width respectively, while the height is 1870mm; with a wheelbase measuring 3025mm.

The size of the wagon is not just a design feature with no real benefits. The wagon has the capacity to carry much load and accommodate many passengers on board. It comes with a kerb mass of 1670mm and also a Gross Vehicle Mass of 2500kg, while its payload is 1080kg. The 2.2i engine uses a 491E engine and the diesel option uses a GW 2.8 TC engine, with both engines also adopting a 4 cylinder inline design. Fuel supply on the 2.2i engine uses a BOSCH Multi point fuel injection system, while the 2.8 TDi engine uses Common Rail Direct Injection system instead. The petrol variant generates a maximum power of 78kW, while the diesel option does 70kW. Maximum torque on the 2.2i is 190Nm, while the 2.8TDi engine delivers 225Nm at 1800 rpm. A distinct feature on the diesel engine is the turbo function, which is not found on the petrol model.

The GWM uses a 6-speed manual transmission function; with 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. Both models use an independent, double wishbone suspension, while the rear suspension adopts leaf springs. The wagon is quite capable on rough terrains due to its good ground clearance of 205mm. It is an urban vehicle which does not fear or shy away from a bit of off road adventure. It’s the perfect vehicle to park besides a lake with the family; you can take it for an outing without fear of bumps and humps on the suspension from objects underneath. It is a rear wheel drive which provides 5 seats and 5 doors.

When it comes to the type and profile of features on the wagon, this is one aspect the wagon stands tall and proudly, due to its modern design and artwork. It provides a sleek body, defined by the color coded bumpers and the integrated front bumper driving lights. It also features modern high tech features to include aircon, leather upholstery and load sensing proportioning valve. It has comfort and easy handling due to the power steering, adjustable steering column, electric windows and mirrors, remote central locking and reading lights. When it comes to entertainment, the driver and passengers have available to them the joy of the CD player, which is MP3 compatible.

The GWM Multi Wagon is a solid MPV which makes sense to own. It can easily fit in around SUVs and is in the same range as the Nissan Pathfinder; a vehicles which takes a profile of a modern urban bakkie, an SUV and also an MPV. Provided with a 2 year/ 60,000km warranty and also supported with a 24 Hour Roadside Assist, the GWM Multi Wagon demands attention when shopping for a modern vehicle that takes on all the urban cycles and is not afraid of the outdoors.

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