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Nissan Tiida

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The Nissan Tiida is not one of the most well known brands on the sedan platform, but this compact car by Nissan is an advanced development taking over from the more well known Pulsar and the Nissan Sunny. The car has been taken to the global market and it has earned itself various names in such markets and one such name that has been used to market the car is the Nissan Versa. Nissan avails the Nissan Tiida in either the Sedan or the hatchback format. The Nissan Tiida is not a very old brand on the market, as such it benefits from the technological development of its predecessors. The first model in the Tiida line was first launched in the year 2004 and has been on the market since 2011. The current generation of the Nissan Tiida runs from 2011. It is produced in various countries that include China, Taiwan and in some countries it has replaced the Nissan Almera.

The Nissan Tiida is placed in the C-Segment market, while the Nissan Micra has been placed in the B-Segment. The Nissan Tiida comes in 4 different styles namely the ST, ST-L, Hatchback and Sedan, on three trim levels i.e. the ST, Ti and Q trims. It has its own fair share of model options that include a portfolio of 8 model options; namely the Nissan Tiida Q Hatch 1.8; the Nissan Tiida ST 1.8; the Nissan Tiida ST Hatch 1.8; the Nissan Tiida ST-L 1.8; the Nissan Tiida ST-L Hatch 1.8; the Nissan Tiida ST-S 1.8; the Nissan Tiida ST-S Hatch 1.8 and finally the Nissan Tiida Ti 1.8.

It offers modern features for a modern styled vehicle, such features as the air conditioning, power windows, cruise control, AM/FM radio with CD player, front map lights and an illuminated boot area, while in term of safety, the Tiida parades the front and rear ABS anti-lock brakes, front driver and passenger airbags as well as front and rear side curtain airbags, height adjustable 3-point front seat belts, impact absorbing bumpers and an energy absorbing steering column.

The car functions on a 1.8 liter, 16 valve, and 4 cylinder engine mated to a fuel direct injection engine that uses petrol with Continuous variable Transmission. Power on the Nissan Tiida is estimated at 93kW at 5200 rpm and a torque of 174Nm at 4800 rpm, which is not very impressive comparatively in the sedan range, but works well for that urban run around and will not disappoint on the highway, as it gets time to pull itself up and can maintain good speeds very well. Taking 10.8 seconds to reach the 100km/hr mark is not too bad, in terms of its acceleration capabilities.

To date, around 50,000 units are estimated to having been sold and the new model is quite a talk, coming with a more advanced interior and redesigned exterior. The new look is characterized by the front and rear bumpers, supported by re-engineered dimensions. The latest Tiida measures 45mm longer on the hatchback option, while it records 30mm longer on the sedan models. On the Tiida Ti trim, you will get new body colored side sills.

Other modifications include the 16 inch alloy wheels on the Ti models and 15 inch steel wheels at the ST trim level. The interior of the new Tiida is now graced with leather material, which is now standard on the Ti and a climate control and an updated stereo system capable of taking MP3 compatible CDs and an MP3 Player Input also are offered standard on the new Tiida Ti trim. Also something to talk about the Tiida is the 52 liter tank capacity and the 289 Liter cargo space, with a tow (brake) capacity of 1000kgs and a turning circle of 10.4 meters, the Tiida is revolutionary in design and performance and with time on its side 7 continuous development, it stands to join some of the most renowned compact cars on the market.

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Nissan Tiida
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