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Peugeot 207

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The Peugeot 207 is a product of the French car maker Peugeot, which has been seen on the market since the year 2006. It comes as a super-mini car which can also take care of the basic needs of a family, on day to day routines. The Peugeot 207 follows after the Peugeot 206 and is also offered as either a 3-door or 5-door hatchback which is stylish and classic. Peugeot worked on the design of the vehicle such that it also fits in the coupe, convertible product line and the 5-door station wagon line up. The international market Peugeot 207 comes with engine variants that include the 1.4 L and the 1.6L; with the 1.6L turbo engine also being available.

The Peugeot 207 takes on a width and length of 1,748 mm and 4,030 mm respectively. The vehicle makes relations with the Citroen C3 Picasso and the Mini Cooper S. On the local South African market, four models are available from Peugeot South Africa; and these are the PopArt 1.4, the Active 1.4 Vti, the Sportium 1.6 Vti and the Sportium 1.6 HDi. Power and torque generated by the engines of the four models varies across the model range. The PopArt is capable of generating 54kW of power at 5200 rpm, while the Active 1.4 Vti does 70Kw at 6000 rpm. The Sportium 1.6 Vti is capable of a maximum power of 88kW at 6000 rpm while the Sportium HDi generates a maximum 82kW at 3600 rpm. The PopArt and the Active model each deliver a maximum torque of 118Nm and 136Nm respectively, while the Sportium Vti and the Sportium HDi models provide 160Nm and 270Nm of torque respectively.

Peugeot provides a 3 year/ 100,000km warranty cover across all the models, while a 4years/ 60,000km Service Plan is optional on the PopArt model. The urban fuel consumption for the PopArt and the Active Vti is 8.6L per 100km and 7.6L per 100km respectively; and the Sportium Vti and the Sportium HDi each record urban fuel consumption of 8.0L per 100km and 5.6L per 100km. The overall combined fuel consumption for the Peugeot 207 is 6.3L for the PopArt, 5.8L for the Active 1.4 Vti, 6.0L for the Sportium Vti and 4.5 L for the Sportium HDi.

The sleek look and appeal of the Peugeot 207 is courtesy of such features as the color coded bumpers and door handles, common across all models, while the PopArt 1.4 model takes on 15 inch wheels and the Active 1.4 Vti utilizes 15 inch alloy wheels. The two Sportium models both use 16 inch alloy wheels and also have to their credit the exclusive automatic wipers and rain sensor functions. Coming standard across the four models are the rear windscreen wipers, with the tinted rear and back windows being absent on the PopArt but featuring on the other three models.

The vehicle provides some of the desired convenience and comfort features that have defined this vehicle to be what it is today on the market. The interior features a Bi-zone Automatic Climate Control on the two Sportium models, while a Cruise control function with speed limiter is exclusive on the upper trim three models and is excluded on the PopArt model. Coming standard across the four models is the comfort of the height adjustable driver and passenger seats. The driver has also to his benefit the height adjustable steering wheel for comfort and safety. The hatchback also features the luggage cover, which makes this hatchback classic and appealing. Entertainment inside the Peugeot 207 is provided by the radio and CD front loader, which reads MP3 files. The designers also incorporated fingertip control of the radio by the driver, to minimize destructions when behind the steering and operating the radio/ CD player.

When it comes to safety and security of passengers and the driver, the hatchback provides top of the range functions. Standard across the four models is the ABS with EBD function and the Automatic Activation of hazard lights in emergency braking. Featuring on the two Sportium models is the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) while the Emergency Brake Assist is common on all models. Side airbags also provide security on the top three models, and side impact protection bars feature on all models.

To demonstrate the high tech nature of this vehicle, Peugeot provides such magnificent features as the on-board computer and the refrigerated glove box compartment. This vehicle is admired by all, for what is and the fantastic luxury and comfort deliverables it provides.

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Peugeot 207
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