A unique and tough expedition is about to be embarked upon by one of the most adventurous classic car enthusiasts in South Africa.

Well known enthusiast, rally driver and Chairman of Motorsport South Africa, Roger Pearce has spent the best part of a year organising a unique road trip covering no less than 15 000km’s from the AA Kyalami Grand Prix circuit in Johannesburg, South Africa to the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit in England.

The trip will be made all the more adventurous by completing it in a two-door 1973 MGB GT. Pearce will be accompanied by Nico and Trevor Kleyn in a similar period MG TD.

The four adventurers and their two cars will travel through Africa and Europe in 42 days to reach their destination in the UK that will begin on the 9th June 2004 at AA Kyalami. The cars will then travel through Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Germany before finally taking a ferry to England and of course, completing the event by doing a lap around the world famous Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit.

Commenting on the event, Managing Director of the Automobile Association of South Africa Ed Kok says, “I have never heard of anybody crazy enough to do a trip like this. But it does sound fantastic and an adventure never to be repeated. We are honoured that Roger Pearce and his team decided to use the AA Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit as a starting point. Next week the AA hosts a conference of Sub-Saharan Africa Touring and Automobile Clubs in Windhoek. One of the main focus areas will be improving mobility in Africa, and we will be using Roger’s trip as a test case.

I will be sending a message of goodwill to the owners and directors of Silverstone, the British Grand Prix Drivers Association, and of course, our messenger will be Roger.”

Leader of the event, Roger Pearce claims, “This is going to be a wild ride. There are so many variables in this trip and I have been scouring different road maps for months now trying to work out mileages and stop over points etc. All I can tell you is that we are going to have a load of fun, and are certainly in for some interesting times.”

Commenting on his trusty steed that will hopefully give him a trouble free run to the UK, Pearce says, “This is certainly not the first time my MG and I have done a long trip like this. Since I first rebuilt the car in 1990, I have done over 100 000km of competitive driving in the car, and would guess the car has travelled some 500 000km around the world in getting to events and then competing. The car has done the London to Sydney Marathon twice, the London to Mexico Marathon once, two Targa Tasmania events, the Shield of Africa Rally and a host of national rally events too, seeing competition in no less than 36 different countries.”

The event will kick off on the 8th June 2004 with a ceremonial start at AA Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit with Roger and his team completing a lap of the Midrand circuit the day prior to the start of the event.

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