The ‘real gunfight’ as Richard Behm, driver of a Mitsubishi EVO 6 puts it, will be in the N4 class. He said that Johnny Gemmell in a Mitsubishi Lancer, Stephan van Dyk in a Subaru STi, Schalk Burger in a Subaru WRX STi and Visser du Plessis in a Subaru Impreza are his main rivals. Behm singled Van Dyk out, saying he (Van Dyk) will be out there doing his best. Van Dyk/Mark Pym came up trumps in two recent consecutive run rallies in the Western Cape. In an earlier interview with Van Dyk, he said that this season he and Pym aim for wins in their class and so far have accomplished what they set out to do. Behm/Grant St Clair are ready ‘to put up a good fight’ as Behm put it.

Behm just made a recent transition from a N2 Toyota Corolla RSi to the four-wheel drive Mitsubishi EVO 6. When asked how he finds this swap over, he said that he is ‘on a learning streak, not a winning streak’. Considering this, Behm has already made an impression by coming second in class and 8th overall in the Total SA rally despite losing the turbo in his second run in the car.

In class A8 Serge Damseaux/Robert Paisley in their Toyota RunX will again face stiff competition from rivals Enzo Kuun/Guy Hodgson in their VW Golf 4. At the CPMCC Automark Rally Kuun said that he is going to challenge and ‘put points on the board’. He added that his main competition will be from the Toyotas and if you are not aiming to win ‘stay at home’. Kuun said that the Sasol Rally is a very good forest event and in actual fact home ground for him.

Class A7 sees a re-match between Jean-Pierre Damseaux/Cobus Vrey in the Toyota Corolla and Hergen Fekken/Dave Lewkowicz in their VW Polo Playa. Fekken/Lewkowicz dropped out of the Total SA Rally while Damseaux/Vrey came fifth overall and first in class.

Class A5 sees Zulu Gugulethu/Dave McGregor in their VW Golf fight it out with the likes of Allen Worms/Welly Fourie in a Toyota Tazz.

With just this mere foretaste of things to come, teams are hard at work preparing their cars for a rally that will be nothing short of spectacular.

1 75 Johnny Gemmell Johnny Gemmell 11155 Greg Godrich 9297 N4 Mitsubishi Lancer
2 60 Schalk Burger Schalk Burger 324 Vito Bonafede 1502 N4 Subaru WRX STI
3 1 Castrol Team Serge Damseaux 432 Robert Paisley 4324 A8 Toyota RunX
4 2 BP VW Racing Enzo Kuun 1829 Guy Hodgson 3065 A8 VW Golf 4
5 3 BP VW Racing Jan Habig 1499 Douglas Judd 1087 A8 VW Golf 4
6 4 Team Total Etienne Lourens 4295 Andre Vermeulen 1620 A8 Toyota RunX
7 11 BP VW Racing Hergen Fekken 5573 Dave Lewkowicz 1326 A7 VW Polo
8 12 Team Total Jean-Pierre Damseaux 3748 Cobus Very 13002 A7 Toyota Corolla
9 69 Subaru Pretoria Leon Botha   Richard Clark   N4 Subaru Impreza
10 66 Gideon Trollip Callie van der Merwe 6674 Gideon Trollip 1380 N4 Subaru Impreza
11 5 Johan Klaasen Cliff Blackman 4304 Johan Klaasen 4323 A8 BMW 320i
12 68 Metmeister Outsurance Visser Du Plessis 8888 Thilo von Westernhagen 1192 N4 Subaru Impreza
13 62 Brian Carrihill Nicolas Ryan   Brian Carrihill   N4 Subaru Impreza
14 17 Graham Bishop Adrian Karth 2187 TBA   A7 VW Polo Playa
15 73 Jose Ferreira Jose Ferreira   TBA   N4 Subaru Impreza
16 63 Rocky Reyneke Rocky Reyneke 1759 Andre Pheiffer   N4 Subaru Impreza
17 80 Castrol Team Charl Wilken 189 Robin Houghton 2687 N3 Toyota RunX
18 76 Richard Behm Richard Behm 3438 Grant St Clair   N4 Mitsubishi Evo 6
19 77 Barry Grobbelaar Barry Grobbelaar   Mike Burrows 1528 N4 Subaru Impreza
20 40 Team Total Craig Trott 4297 John Costa 7323 A6 Toyota Corolla
21 64 GMP Motorsport Kobus Roos 1188 Brendan Nunan   N4 Subaru  
22 67 Mally Saville Mally Saville   Dean Redelinghuis   N4 Subaru STi
23 81 Team Total Rodney Visagie 2362 Caroline Swan 1074 N3 Toyota RunX
24 17 Alec Harris Tony Ball 4016 Alec Harris 4312 A7 VW Playa
25 57 Jo Jo Tanks Jakkie Joubert 1136 Willie van Straaten 16054 A6 Toyota Corolla
26 82 Rallystar Jacques Botha 18158 Greg Gericke 14348 N3 Ford Focus
27 72 Colin Wilson Colin Wilson   Geoff Tyrer   N4 Ford Cosworth
28 71 Lola Verlaque Lola Verlaque 15554 Megan Verlaque 15555 N4 Subaru Impreza
29 41 JB van Nieuwenhuizen Jaco Venter 12696 JB van Nieuwenhuizen 11214 A6 Toyota Corolla
30 90 Team Total Chris de Wit 4340 Patrick Yende   N2 Toyota Corolla
31 44 Schalk Burger (Jnr) Schalk Burger 10683 Wimpie van Greunen 13701 A6 Toyota Corolla
32 74 Japie van Niekerk Japie van Niekerk 61587 Johan Sieling 959 N4 Subaru WRX STI
33 78 Anneke Ritson Joel Ritson 11505 Anneke Ritson 11504 N4 Subaru Sti
34 88 Jurgens Nel Jurgens Nel 22609 Martie Olivier  
2021 Kia
Sportage 1.6GDI Ignite‍


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