He has teamed up with Bloemfontein Yamaha dealer Alec Salley, who knows the formidable Lesotho mountain kingdom’s roads and tracks better than most, and will drive a 3,5-litre Nissan-engined BAT, the South African conceived and built special that is his brainchild.,P> He will join the official Motorite Racing team for the event and will be supported by the vehicle warranty and full maintenance plan administrator’s regular combination of Evan Hutchison and Arthur Ormerod, front runners in the class B championship in their 2,0-litre Nissan-engined BAT.

Harcus returned to South Africa unexpectedly after his father, Arthur, who won the Roof of Africa Rally in 1979 in a single-seater special, lost his life in a highjacking in Johannesburg in July.

“This is a special one-off race for me,” says Brandon, who has competed in the Roof of Africa Rally as well as last year’s Lesotho Sun 400. “It will be an emotional one too, as I intend to do my very best to win overall in honour of my father as well as for my own satisfaction.

“Last year I was in a challenging position to win my first ‘Roof’ when I fell off a mountain while trying to avoid some rocks that were placed in the road. Now I have a chance to make up for that.

“It’s very appropriate that I will be carrying the colours of Motorite. Their MD, Justen Cooper, was a good friend of my father and he didn’t hesitate to back my entry this one last time.”

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