It’s happening! The most exciting historic production saloons which thrilled the crowds at Goodwood in September last year hit the tar at Zwartkops on Saturday, 31 January. -

- Heading the top class will be former Le Mans winner Alan Minshaw in a 1964 Ford Mustang GT. Alongside him on the grid is saloon car veteran Brian Rowlings in his magnificent Basil van Rooyen Ford Mustang. Close to them, if not ahead, will be two Lotus Cortina’s, one driven by Formula Ford ace Jonathan du Toit. Just to make life interesting for the Fords will be a huge Studebaker Golden Hawk driven by brother Mark du Toit. As in the sixties these top runners can be expected to be taken on by the little Mini Coopers, which even today can just about out handle anything. Kollie van der Westhuizen, the evergreen Mini tuning ace, will make a welcome return to the circuits, just to make sure that the Mini’s honour is upheld. He will be ably supported by the Hastie brothers and HRCR Chairman, Patrick Dunseith. -

- The Alfa Guilia’s and Sprint GT’s will also want to have their say. So with them and the two special Ford Anglia’s of motoring scribes, Andre de Kok and Denis Droppa plenty of action can be expected. -

- Production Cars raced before 1966, under the banner of Legends of the Nine Hour, is a new addition to motor racing in South Africa. This series is very popular in England and Europe. At Goodwood last September, 53 000 people cheered a huge big Ford Galaxie being challenged by a diminutive little Mini Cooper ‘S’. Neither won – a Ford Falcon beat them to the line! -

- The series in South Africa is based on two categories – Pre 1966 Production Cars and Pre 1962 Grand Central Saloons. There is an infinite variety of cars which will participate in this series. From DKW 1000’s, Jaguar 3.8, MG Magnetes, Consul 315, Morris Minor to huge big American Saloons, Galaxies, Chev’s and Studebakers. -

- See you at Zwartkops on Saturday, 31 January.

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