At a meeting held at Motorsport South Africa (MSA) on the 21 May, Jan Johnson was appointed head of the Motorsport SA Drag commission. Johnson has been involved in sports marketing for the past 20 years as the promoter for the F1 Powerboat series, and is also one of the directors of the new Gosforth Park Raceway in Ekurhuleni. -

- The president of MSA, Roger Pearce had this to say," we are looking for a fresh approach to drag racing and Jan brings a wealth of enthusiasm and energy to the position as well as an established track record". -

- "Drag racing is by far the most exciting form of motorsport and one of the fastest growing in the country, and I believe that a top-down approach is needed to market the sport,' said Johnson. "We need to set our goal to become world players in drag racing, and establish A-grade facilities, which are internationally recognised. A grading system will identify A, B and C grade circuits, and we will go out of our way to encourage illegal street racing into a more structured, safer environment of controlled drag racing with medical and safety structures to protect spectators and drivers. We will be looking at introducing an annual membership at a minimal fee in order to encourage street racers to move into the system", she added. -

- "In order for SA to become a world player in drag racing the rule system will be revised to come in to line with international rules and bodies such as the National Hot Rod Association which runs the sport in the US. This development would lead to international competitors racing in South Africa. -

- "The revised rules would need to be enforced by officials, and training is high on the priority to ensure consistent interpretation of the rules. -

- The new commission members are amongst the most respected and influential personalities in drag racing and have all been involved in the sport for years. Johnson appointed the grand daddy of drag racing, Mick van Rensburg, as vice-president with the technical men being Andy Micouris (who is also head of the South African National Drag Racing Association, SANDRA) and Nico van Rensburg who along with his father Mick runs Tarlton International Raceway. They will be assisted by Johan van Zyl who is widely respected as the top clerk of the course in drag racing. -

- The Safety Panel be headed by Francois Loubser who will be assisted by a representative of each grading class. Their job will be to set a criterion for grading and then grade the drag circuits in South Africa. "I would also like them to assist circuits to upgrade, for example from a C to a B circuit," added Johnson. Brad Annasis will head bike drag racing on the commission. -

- The driver's representatives as well as the regional representatives are still to be selected. -

- "The creation of this commission is an exciting development for drag racing and it's great to work with a committed group who have such an overwhelming passion for the sport" enthused Johnson.

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