Class C Honda privateer Craig Nicholson was forced to endure a frustrating day behind the wheel at A.A. Kyalami during round 7 of the Vodacom Power tour. After struggling for pace the entire weekend, the best Nicholson could muster was a 4th and a 5th in heats one and two respectively. -

- The Sabat Honda has steadily improved throughout the season and recently has been right on the pace of the leaders. The team were however keen to find that vital little bit of performance to move the vehicle into the “pace setter” category. In their quest for more speed, a new motor was built and various changes were made to the springs and set up of the car. -

- Sadly time pressures meant that no testing of the changes could be done between rounds 6 and 7, and the team arrived at Kyalami full of hope but without any data to suggest the changes would indeed offer an improvement in performance. However, from 1st practice it was apparent that the Sabat Honda was not on the pace and was struggling to set a decent lap time. -

- Nicholson was understandably disappointed with the situation. “We just didn’t have any pace in the car. It felt relatively well balanced and the Dyno shows that the motor is at least as powerful as our old unit. But the lap times were poor throughout the weekend. I think we were a little guilty of making too many changes too fast and we have now got a little lost with the set-up. I still believe we have all the ingredients of a good package, but those ingredients are not working together as they should be. All we can do is go and test some more to try and find a solution”. Said Craig. -

- The Production Car brigade will move to Phakisa for round 8 of the championship, and the Sabat team hope to take a much faster car to the event. -

- Nicholson has not raced at Phakisa before and had this to say of his prospects. “I’m looking forward to racing at Phakisa because I believe it’s a challenging track. Unfortunately I have done the sum total of 5 laps at that circuit, so this will be the first time I race in Welkom. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I believe if one accepts one’s challenges and never gives up, ultimately we will achieve the success we are looking for.

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