Gosforth Park Raceway is offering the young and the young at heart a variety of exciting activities to enjoy when they visit the world class facility, which opens on 26 & 27 July. “Although the focus of our core business is motor racing, specifically oval and drag racing, we are going out of our way to entertain the rest of the family, and teenagers are important to Gosforth Park”, said Gosforth Park’s CEO Peter Lindenberg. -

- Thunder Alley has been established with teenagers in mind. Situated next to the coffee shop alongside the motor museum under the Indy stadium, the motorsport themed Thunder Ally games arcade will focus on the latest range of racing games from Manx TT and Daytona. Aside of popular arcade games such as Tekken 2 and Time Code 2, Thunder Ally’s owner Ian Fischer will have six pool tables for the older children while the younger kids will be able to play more reward based games such as Hungry Hippo’s. -

- An 8 lane, 40 metre long slot car track as well as a 2 lane slot car race track will keep the less technically inclined busy. On the 1st floor of the Indy building, slot car racing has been described as the easiest form of model racing there is. The cars are all plugged into a power source and placed on their own separate fixed lane. The participants then control them with a lever that is pushed forward to go faster. -

- A hobby shop underneath the Sebring stadium caters for all the requirements of the slot car and model racing including 32, 10 and 5th scale model cars. A wide selection of die cast collectable cars will be available at the hobby shop. -

- Out in the open in the parking area, Fischer is constructing a 3,500 square metre go-kart track. There are also plans afoot to construct tracks for mini-quad bikes known as Dinos. “The young and not so young can enjoy the speed and adrenaline-pumping excitement of karting, which sees the kids flying around the circuit barely above the track. The possibilities are endless and I am excited to be involved” said Fischer. -

- Open seven days a week and for night racing, the tracks are ideal for team building activities and can be used for corporate events, internal competitions and company functions, “Karting is a great way to build team spirit and indulge your dream of being a F1 grand prix driver,” enthused Fischer. -

- The motocross facilities situated across the track from the main stadium can also be used for corporate events or even company fun days. Open throughout the week, there are a variety of tracks for all ages and skill levels from peewee, junior and senior motocross tracks through to quad and Xumbug tracks. -

- On non-race weekends, kids will have a prime position and track right in front of the stadium for radio controlled car racing, while radio controlled planes can land on the wide main straight. -

- For those parents who want to make sure their children don’t bankrupt them within the first hour, Gosforth Park’s Smart Card will enable parents to pre-load an amount on the card, and they can stipulate, for example, that the card cannot be used in bars – not that the barman would serve drinks to under 18’s. -

- The Raceway Dance Club is the place to be for those over 18’s and everyone who just wants to get down and dance. It will be open on race days and every week from Wednesday to Saturday nights, and will cater for a variety of musical tastes, be it local is ‘lekker’ tunes or radio friendly pop and the latest hip-hop tunes. -

- Situated on the first floor of the Sebring building, the dance club can cater for up to 1,500 people, “The wooden floor of 200 square metres makes the Raceway Dance Club an ideal venue for ballroom dance championships as well as other forms of dance sport,” said dance club owner Francois Coertse. -

- “Gosforth Park Raceway is committed to fun and enjoyment and the addition of these forms of entertainment can only enhance the experience of spending time at the raceway,” said Gosforth Park Raceway director Jan Johnson. -

- Whether it’s behind the wheel of a race car on the track or behind the wheel of an arcade game one thing is certain, Gosforth Park Raceway will send your pulse racing. -


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