Nitrous, horsepower, burning rubber……… this is drag racing at its most insane and it’s coming to the Gosforth Park Raceway in July. Herbie Herbst, a petrol-head to the max and after 14 years in the drag racing game, has been appointed manager of the drag racing facility. -

- “With his track-record and passion both for drag racing and all motorsports, we believe that Herbie is the right choice to get the job done,” said the complex’s MD, Peter Lindenberg. -

- Herbie lives for drag racing and those that know him know Herbie will not settle for second rate. A fixture in the world of drag racing, Herbie has long been a great favourite of those racing nuts who have been lucky enough to listen to his often off-the-wall commentary of events ranging from his beloved drags to short oval racing. He has been running the drag strip at Bronkhorstspruit for years, but has closed it down to manage what could be described as one of the best drag facilities in the world. -

- Herbst excitedly points out that nowhere in this country can 8 000 people watch top of the line drags in such comfortable seats and be completely safe doing so, “my friend, this facility will blow the illegal racers minds”, he notes. -

- Both Herbie and Gosforth Park Raceway’s managing director, Peter Lindenberg share the same desire to get illegal drag racing off the streets and into a safe environment. Lindenberg notes that “We at Gosforth Park want to become part of the solution to the problem that is illegal racing”. In order to keep the spirit of drag racing alive the rules will be kept to a minimum, the three most important being; no stolen cars, no alcohol and no drugs. -

- The new Gosforth Park Drag club, count amongst their members 7 “Top Guns”. These are proper drag cars all capable of burning through a quarter mile in 8 seconds. Apart from these monsters there are a number of street racers who push the needle to 250km/h without so much as breaking a sweat over a quarter mile. -

- The racing format employed at Gosforth will be head to head racing with racers times being taken and placings awarded by class. This format could see Ferrari’s going head to head with Bakkies on Gosforth’s state-of-the-art A-grade 1.1km floodlit drag strip. A club like Gosforth wants to place its emphasis on fun and create an environment in which novice enthusiasts can learn the ins and outs of drag racing. -

- The Gosforth Park Drag Club with its superior facilities is sure to play host to many of the world’s top drag racers keen to show their metal against the best South Africa has to offer. -

- Already a national SA Drag challenge is being established between Tarlton Raceway and Gosforth Park Raceway, the only two A-grade facilities in the country, with both circuits committed to the growth of drag racing and getting illegal street racing off the streets and to safer venues. -

- Gosforth Park Raceway opens officially on 26 & 27 July after a nine month construction period, when every single racing facility will be showcased over the two days from its 2.6 km road circuit, small oval with parabolic 28 degree banking, SASCAR 1 kilometre tri-oval, skidpan, 1.1 km drag strip, motocross, 4x4 and driving school. The directors will be making motorsport appealing to families with a host of entertainment aimed at women and children. -


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