Some of the best racing in South Africa, takes place at Regional level and the race meeting at the Midvaal Raceway, near Meyerton, on Saturday 4 October, should be no exception. With Regional Championship races, for Formula Vee, Lotus Challenge and Formula M and Club Championship events, for the DK Porsche Challenge, DK 924 Porsche Challenge and Superhatch, the event provides a good blend of Single Seater, Sports Car and Saloon Car racing, to cater for all tastes.

The DK Porsche Challenge, run some of the most exotic cars to be seen on the race circuits of South Africa, including the mighty Franz Pretorius Porsche 956, the 911 GT3 RS of Ruan Pretorius, a number of potent 911 RSRs, the Tiga Porsche of Chris Costas, some 944s and a pair of TVR Chimaeras, in the hands of Niel Lobb and Tim Mes. The DK 924 Porsche Challenge is run exclusively for front engined 924 Porsches, on a handicap basis.

The 1300cc Formula Vee Single Seaters, always produce good close racing. This will be the penultimate round of their 2003 MSA Northern Regions Championship and a crucial event for the leading contenders in the Championship, David Veringa (#3 Sabat Rhema), Symm Grobler (#4 Auto Mecca Rhema 2), Peter Hills (#8 Vacuform Rhema), Dennis Johns (#12 Goldco Midas Rhema 2) and Alan Holm (#2 Johannesburg Bright Steels Rhema). The event is also the penultimate round of the 2003 Formula Vee Association Competition and a little further down the field, the progress of the three leading contenders in that competition, Ben Pienaar (#17 BJ Pro Welding Rhema), Kevin Cartmell (#30 Rand Brake Sting) and Claude Cartmell (#29 Rand Brake Sting), will be monitored with interest. The Association Development competitors, Benny Phetla (#19 Vacuform Rhema), Kearn Francis (#52 Rhema) and Dayview Mogane (#53 Alley), will also be looking to give a good account of themselves, while gaining further experience in the category, as well.

The Lotus Challenge consists primarily of Lotus 7 Replicas and the odd Lotus 23, which are raced to good effect by the likes of Peter Johnston, Gary Van Jaarsfeldt, Clive Wilmot, Josh Dovey, Kevin Bassett, Norman Witt, Sean Hurley, Piero Dal Bianco, Colin Slyper, Gerhard Krige and Ken Cloud, while the likes of Patrick Gearing, Lionel Slowe, Rob Gearing and Glen Rebello, are the leading contenders in Class B.

Formula M is a motorcycle engine powered, single seater category. There are four Classes, with the juniors in Class D (for 8 to 13 year olds) running a separate race, in their 125cc cars. Class C run 550cc motors, Class B 750cc motors and Class A 1100cc motors, in ex Formula GTi chassis. Leading contenders in the category, are Mark Howard and Corrie Volschenk, in their Class A Ashleys, with the likes of Chace Van Der Walt, Warren Naude and Gerhard Van der Merwe contesting Class B, while Rudolph Van Tonder, Alicia Bosch, Paul Richter and Donovan Nelson-Esch compete in Class C. Regular Class D competitors, include Charles Williamson, Martin Posthumus, Thomas Bezuidenhout and Kylan Andrews.

Run in four Power to Weight Ratio Classes, Super Hatch essentially caters for road spec Hatchback cars. Leading contenders in Class A, include the likes of Jannie Van Rooyen (Nissan Sabre), Jono Du Toit (Golf 1), Lukas Bezuidenhoudt (Toyota), Bruce Woolley (Golf 2), Ishmael Baloyi (Golf 1) and Mark Du Toit (Polo Playa). The current Class B leader, is Andrew Shillinglaw (Golf 1), while Class C is currently led by Theunis Eloff (Fiat Pallio) and Class D by Dirk Lawrence (Opel Kadett). A number of lady drivers also race in the category, including Melanie Spurr (Opel Kadett), Claudette Grover (Opel Kadett) and Sabine Belitzky (Golf 1).

Qualifying gets underway at 07h40, with the first race due to start at 11h00 Issued by the Formula Vee Association of SA

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