Round 10 of the Vodacom Power Tour will see the last appearance of the Sabat Honda piloted by Craig Nicholson. With a little good fortune, and sponsors willing, the Sabat backed privateer hopes to move on to something a little quicker next year. -

- After a season of solid results, the Sabat equipe find themselves in an unassailable 3rd position in class C of the Production Car championship, and should a good result be forthcoming this weekend, a possible top 5 spot in the overall championship. -

- With only one race meeting to go, one could be forgiven for thinking that the team would be reluctant to spend additional budget on the car. But the crew is committed as ever and the Honda will appear at Kyalami sporting new front springs and a revised exhaust system. The car will also look the part, having just received a makeover from the team panel sponsors, Azoic Panelbeaters. -

- “Production car racing is not always a no contact sport,” quipped Nicholson. “ Our Honda was looking a little worse for wear following an eventful 9th round of the championship at Aldo Scribante. I must therefore sincerely thank Azoic Panelbeaters, they could simply have patched the vehicle for the final race, but they take more pride in their work than that and have replaced many of the panels. C47 will look as good as new when she rolls out for first practice on Friday.” -

- Craig is reasonably pleased with the season, but ultimately frustrated at not yet having won in class C. -

- “ This will be the first season where I have managed to compete at all race meetings and it will reflect my best points tally to date. From a learning point of view it has been a very good year and I believe that next year will be even better no matter what I end up driving”. Craig reflected. “-

- “But at the end of the day I haven’t had a win and this frustrates me immensely. It’s not like we haven’t had the pace, we’ve been on the pole and the front row a number of times, and we have lead races. I just don’t feel that we have had that bit of good fortune you need now and again to get a win and I hope we can rectify that this weekend.” Said the man from Car Magazine. -

- While the Sabat team will be pulling out all the stops to secure that first victory for the Sasol fuelled C47 on Saturday, the job will be made tougher by the fact that class C will grow by three competitors this weekend as a number of former class B runners convert their Honda’s to class C spec. This should provide a great spectacle for the crowd, as 10 identical Honda’s will battle it out for top honours in class C. No doubt, the spectators will be the biggest winners!

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