Lesotho Sun has come on board as the sponsor of round five of the Absa Off Road Championship, which will be known as the Lesotho Sun 400 and be based out of Maseru on August 20 and 21.

The event will be organised by the Lesotho Off Road Association in conjunction with the MSA Off Road Car Racing Commission and marks the return of the off road motor vehicle fraternity to the Mountain Kingdom after a four year hiatus.

“We are delighted that the MSA Off Road Car Racing Commission has granted the Lesotho Off Road Association the opportunity to stage a round of the championship in Lesotho,” said Mark Courtny, Area General Manager for Sun International. “The people of Lesotho really miss the motor vehicle fraternity, which was part of their lives since the 1960’s, and Lesotho Sun is proud to once again welcome them to this wonderful country.”

“Lesotho Sun’s involvement with the Roof of Africa dates back 30-years and it is fitting that the motor vehicles, which formed such an important part of that legacy, should return to Lesotho and compete on some of the best off road terrain in the world.”

The Lesotho Off Road Association has been hard at work laying out a route for the Lesotho Sun 400, which will be run predominantly in the lowland area east of Maseru and will include some tortuous sections such as Elephant Pass and Maama Pass.

“The MSA Off Road Car Racing Commission, Absa and the Partners – Ford, Nissan and Toyota – are grateful to Lesotho Sun for sponsoring the event,” said Commission president, Piet Swanepoel. “The reaction from the motor vehicle fraternity regarding the prospect of returning to Lesotho has been extremely positive.”

“Veterans of the Roof of Africa have indicated that they may well come out of retirement and newcomers to the sport, who have never even been to Lesotho, are looking forward to the challenge of the Lesotho Sun 400.”

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