The seeding system takes the performance of teams, in the Prologue only, into account and replaces the previous system whereby teams completed the Prologue by class and by competition number.

“A comprehensive database of Prologue or Time Trial results, which determine starting positions for the main event, for the 2000, 2001 and 2002 seasons and the first three events of the 2003 season have been assembled and a formula has been created that ranks the teams accordingly,” said MSA Off Road Car Racing Commission president, Piet Swanepoel. “There are bound to be anomalies and not everyone will necessarily be satisfied with their ranking but it must be borne in mind that the statistics do not lie,” added Swanepoel.

“Top competitors in the various classes have had to contend with slower cars holding them up in the Prologue too often in the past and the seeding system should ensure that this situation does not arise in the future.”

A Seeding List, which will be updated after each event, will be used to determine starting positions for the Prologue on all future events with teams starting at 2-minute intervals. Anyone missing their allocated start time will start the Prologue at the back of the field at 2-minute intervals.

The Seeding List will also come in handy in the event of the Prologue being cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the organisers, such as the cane fire that resulted in the cancellation of the Prologue on this year’s Nissan Sugarbelt 400.

Top 10 seeded teams for the Oven Fresh Biscuits 500:

1. Hannes Grobler / Richard Leeke: Nissan Hardbody Class T
2. Giniel de Villiers / Francois Jordaan: Nissan Hardbody Class T
3. Gerhard du Plessis / Kobie du Plessis: Jimco Class A
4. Brandon Harcus / Gary Bertholdt: BAT Class A
5. Apie Reyneke / Robin Houghton: Toyota Land Cruiser Class T
6. Greg Daus / Archie Rutherford: Chenowth Class A
7. Jakkie Joubert / M. Heath: VW Class A
8. Neil Woolridge / Ken Skjoldhammer: Ford Ranger Class T
9. Atang Makgekgenene / Mike Stangl: Jimco Class A
10. Mark Corbett / Jason Bruwer: BAT Class A

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