The Nissan Dealer 400, round two of the Absa Off Road Championship, which takes place in the Darling area in the Western Cape on April 22 and 23 offers some great spectating opportunities.

The route for Friday’s 42km Prologue includes three spectator points within close proximity to race headquarters at the Darling Club.

Spectator Point A, which is on the Moorreesburg / Hopefield road, is only 4,5km from the start at the Darling Club and features a high-speed track next to a fence that sweeps into a 90-left through a gate and then a 90-right through another gate.

Spectator Point B, is on the main Malmesbury road (R304) and offers plenty action. Competitors approach and cross the R304 and turn sharp left over the old narrow rail road bridge. Vehicles can be seen coming down a steep hill before arriving back 200 metres away where they enter a very tight section in the trees before turning sharp right and crossing the R304.

Spectator Point C is the Darling / Atlantis road where vehicles can be seen for a long time from a hillside vantage point.

Saturday’s 115km route, which competitors will be required to complete three times, features four spectator points.

Spectator Points A, B and C will again offer spectacular viewing opportunities as will Spectator Point D, which is situated on the road to the Hildebrand Monument. Competitors approach at high speed from behind a farmhouse, turn sharp left and proceed down a steep bank and through a river before powering away into the distance.

“There are numerous other road crossings where the vehicles can be seen in action but the four spectator points we have identified offer the best viewing by far,” said Clerk of the Course, Robert Marle. “The Nissan Dealer 400 takes places in a Buffer Zone of the West Coast Biosphere Reserve and I appeal to all spectators to not litter, not stand on fences or gate posts, to park well off the road, not light fires because the area is a fire-free zone, obey race officials and, above all, respect other road users by driving responsibly.”

The Nissan Dealer 400 starts with a 42km Prologue at 13h00 on Friday, April 22 and the main event, which consists of three laps of a 115km course, starts at 08h00 on Saturday, April 23.

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