There is going to be an unusual event on the race card at Kyalami on 30th August. Quadriplegic motorsport enthusiasts will be pitting their skills against one another in a battery-powered wheelchair race inspired by sponsor SABAT Batteries.

“We are heavily involved in motorsport sponsorship and have been product sponsors to the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa for a number of years” says Murray Long of Autotech “SABAT is synonymous with motorsport and a light-hearted suggestion was taken up by Ari Seirlis National Director of QASA.”

“The enthusiasm for the race has been overwhelming” says Ari Seirlis “I’ve had people phoning me from all over the country who want to take part. It’s about generating adrenalin that is often missing from our lives. The battery powered wheelchair, often perceived as an item of confinement, is the very thing that will provide the freedom to compete”. The race will only be open to Quadriplegics and judging by enquiries will be a sizable field.

“We will have to seed the participants to get the faster ones away from the pack otherwise there could be bedlam on the track. Make no mistake, these people are highly competitive and this will be seen as a serious racing challenge.”

Murray Long has further plans for setting up a speed record for battery powered wheel chairs. “We are working on the criteria right now and will establish a bench mark later this year. There is a lot of fun and valuable interaction to be had in this type of endeavour. We can all learn so much from people who manage to meet incredible mobility challenges through their strength of character and resourcefulness”.

Original article from Car