Roger Pearce arrived at Silverstone in the UK today, 40 days after starting his epic AA Kyalami – Silverstone MG Expedition, via Africa, in the early hours of June 9.

Pearce survived almost impassable roads in Northern Kenya, sandstorms and getting lost in the Sudanese desert, a broken clutch on the MGB GT and frustrating shipping delays in Egypt and Italy to complete his 11 881,4 kilometre journey in 1 215 hours.

“I had intended travelling via Syria into Lebanon then through Turkey and the Czech Republic to Silverstone but the Syrian authorities refused to grant me a transit visa,” said Pearce. “I was forced to cancel this leg of my expedition and had to opt for the first available car ferry, which was from Alexandria in Egypt to Naples in Italy.”

“I have to kick my heells for almost two weeks, one in Egypt and one in Naples, while I finalised shipping arrangements in Egypt and waited for the car to clear customs in Naples.”

Pearce will spend the next four days enjoying a well-earned rest and catching up on some good home cooking at his sister’s home before taking part in the MG Festival at Silverstone, where he will be a guest of honour, this coming weekend.

“I am thrilled to have completed the expedition and to have come out of it unscathed but am not sure whether I would tackle such a daunting trip in the near future,” said Pearce. “I am looking forward to some rest, wholesome food, enjoying the limelight at the MG Festival but, more importantly, getting home to my family and friends in South Africa next week.”

Original article from Car