The seven days spent travelling through Sudan have taken a physical toll on Roger Pearce who started his AA Kyalami to Silverstone MG Expedition in the early hours of June 9 and reached Khartoum in Sudan on June 22.

Inedible food, suspect bottled water and extreme desert temperatures, which reached 60 degrees Celsius yesterday, have resulted in Pearce contracting diarrhoea and becoming severely dehydrated.

Pearce spent last night resting on the deck of a Nile barge en route from Wadi Halfa in Sudan to Aswan in Egypt and will seek medical attention when he arrives at his destination later today.

“I am almost two weeks ahead of schedule and am considering checking into a clinic for two or three days so that I can get my system functioning normally,” said Pearce, via Blue Sky satellite phone, from the deck of the barge in the early hours of this morning. “I haven’t had a meal since leaving Khartoum six days ago, the drinks sold in Sudan are so laden with sugar that it makes them virtually undrinkable and the less said about the bottled water and general hygiene standards in Sudan the better.”

“Trying to sleep on the deck of the barge proved to be too uncomfortable and I opted to cocoon myself in the MGB cockpit for the night.”

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