With the worst part of his journey now behind him and the trusty MGB GT now in good running order Roger Pearce has resumed his trip from AA Kyalami to Silverstone via Africa.

Pearce survived somewhat of a hair-raising ordeal in the Sudan, which included getting lost in the desert, enduring 60-degree heat in the cockpit of the MGB GT, a severe stomach disorder, not eating for six days, dehydration and a broken clutch but managed to reach Aswan on July 1.

After clearing the car through customs Pearce sought medical help, a comfortable hotel – the Old Cataract Hotel where Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Nile - and a decent meal before retiring for the night.

“On Friday I found a garage and removed the engine to discover that the centre of the clutch had pulled out,” said Pearce. “Somebody was smiling upon me because the MGB GT shouldn’t have made it to Wadi Halfa in Sudan with the clutch in that state.”

“The car was a little the worse for wear and I spent the whole of Friday checking every component, tightening items that had rattled loose and removing bucket after bucket of desert sand from the interior.”

On Saturday Pearce set off early from Aswan but for security reasons he had to travel in a convoy, which meant he did not reach his intended destination, Cairo. Instead he overnighted in Urghada and was able to enjoy a swim in the Red Sea before departing for Cairo, in another convoy, at 04h30 on Sunday.

“I arrived in Cairo in time to watch the second half of the French Grand Prix, but all in German, and then went on a sightseeing trip to the pyramids, which were awesome,” said Pearce. “The next two days will be spent arranging for the MGB GT to be shipped to a port in Turkey, Greece or Italy and then I’ll continue on to Silverstone.”

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