Roger Pearce, who embarks on an historic trip from AA Kyalami through Africa and Europe to Silverstone in the UK in a 1973 MGB GT on June 9, 2004, is leaving nothing to chance on a journey that is fraught with danger at every turn.

Staying in daily contact with his family in South Africa and with emergency rescue operations throughout Africa is vital to Pearce’s well being and to the success of the expedition, which will see Pearce and Nico and Trevor Kleyn in an MG TD travel through Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Germany en route to Silverstone.

“My trip takes me through some hostile areas in Africa and satellite telephone communication is the only means of staying in contact with the outside world,” said Roger Pearce. “I am delighted that Pedro Camacho from Blue Sky Satellite Communications has come onboard as the communications sponsor for the expedition as it provides everyone with peace of mind.”

“The Blue Sky satellite communications system that I will be using is compact and provides me with instant communication at any point on the expedition,” added Pearce.

Apart from staying in touch with his family Pearce will also be using the system daily to phone in progress reports to media consultants in Johannesburg, to conduct radio and television interviews and e-mail jpeg images.

“We are excited to be involved in this historic journey and are confident that this intrepid traveller will be able to stay in contact by using the latest satellite communications system in the world,” said Pedro Camacho from Blue Sky Satellite Communications. “Having Roger keep the whole of South Africa up to date on the expedition is an added bonus and I am sure many South Africans will follow this epic journey on radio, in print, on television and on web sites.”

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