Michele Lupini and Gary Kingsley-Wilkins will be using this weekend's Bela Bela Rally in Warmbaths as a test session to sort the Sabat Tazz for the remainder of the national series. The car, which was hurriedly finished for Rally SA following Steve Mearns' accident in it in the Tour Natal, proved promising but problematic in Rally SA prior to its retirement due to a broken crankshaft.-

- "We have done a lot of work to the car while rebuilding it," Lupini confirmed, "and we still need to sort it out, something there is no better means of doing than in a competitive event. "We still have quite a significant amount of work to do on the car to get it to the level of the better sorted machinery in Class A5, but we're satisfied that when it's all done, we'll be able to compete head to head for class honours."-

- The team hopes to have the car fully competitive for the next national in the Cape late in May and is looking forward to a fun but constructive day's rallying...

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