The official website for the Sasol DualFuel SA Rally Championship 2003 - - has been extensively upgraded, to be more informative and interactive. -

- The site provides regularly updated news of the championship and each round in the national rally series, together with the championship calendar, points standings, links to other local and international rally websites (news and photographic, the latter courtesy of MotorPics) and a "Feedback" facility for fans and competitors to comment on S.A. rallying. -

- For each round, news pertinent to the spectating (route overview), official regulations, stage times at the end of day one and results (at the end of the rally) are available. -

- Rallies that operate their own specific website for their event, with possible further detail, are linked via the "Championship Calendar" page on -

- The television broadcast schedules for the highlights programmes on Topcar on Supersport and the soon-to-be-introduced Sasol-sponsored magazine-type show on SABC 3, also known as "Sasol Rally Scene", will be posted for the remaining 7 rounds. -

- Enthusiasts keen to become involved in rallying, as a competitor or official, can "read all about it" by clicking on the "Start Rallying" icon. -

- And, for those who are unable to access the internet, there's always the Sasol DualFuel Rally Hotline for on-event news, updates and results. Call 08 22 33 4321.

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