Morris, who contests Class A of the tin-top title chase with a Kaye-Eddie BMW 330i, will be joined by two team mates at Zwartkops.

Driving identical BMW 330i models under the Kaye-Eddie Racing banner will be saloon car veterans Reghardt Roets and Mark Allison, tackling the might of the works-assisted Castrol BMW equipe.

Following a two-day testing session at Zwartkops, the Kaye-Eddie team - and especially young Morris, was delighted wih the progress made.

“We brought our lap times down to exactly match those of the factory BMW drivers - on the same day.”

“We have never been able to do that before, and I reckon that we should be able to legitimately challenge for race victories on August 2,” a delighted Morris said.

“Since it is extremely hard to pass at Zwartkops, it is important to qualify near the front of the grid - and matching the pace of local Production Car racing’s quickest drivers means that we should be able to do just that,” he added.

Morris has extremely happy memories of the Zwartkops circuit.

Last year, when he contested the national Formula Ford Championship, he scored his first South African race win at Zwartkops.

“It is a real driver’s place, with droves of the most enthusiastic spectators I have seen anywhere.”

“Racing or testing at Zwartkops is always a pleasure, with the circuit organisers always happy to help in any way they can.”

“I would be delighted to repeat history in a way, and score my first saloon car race victory at the circuit,” Morris said.

Winning at Zwartkops would put the British youngster ahead of a self-imposed progress time-scale for this season - his first venture outside the single- seater arena.

At the beginning of the season, Morris set out to learn about tin-top racing in what must rate as one of the world’s toughest driving schools.

Then, he set his sights on matching the pace of his Kaye Eddie team mate Reghardt Roets - which has happened at the last two races of the year.

Ultimately, the aim is to score a Production Car race victory before the end of the year - and the August 2 Zwartkops race marks the middle of the 2003 season.

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