Visiting British driver Steven Morris experienced frustrating disappointment at AA Kyalami last Saturday (November 22), during the final two rounds of this year’s South African Production Car Championship. -

- The youngster was extremely optimistic following Friday afternoon’s Official Qualifying session, during which he took the fourth grid placings for both of Saturday’s two races in his Kaye-Eddie BMW 330i. -

- “My Kaye-Eddie team mate Reghardt Roets took pole position for both the races, and we were sure of an excellent season-ender,” Morris said. -

- Part of the prediction came true on Saturday, when Roets took his Kaye-Eddie BMW 330i to a flag-to-flag victory. Morris also made excellent progress, overtaking two works Castrol BMWs to move into second place by the fourth lap. -

- “I thought that we could score a one-two finish for the Kaye-Eddie team - the best possible reward for all of their hard work - but it was not to be,” Morris said. -

- On the fifth lap, his BMW’s oil pump failed and the car slowed with engine damage. -

- “I switched the ignition off as soon as possible, but it happened without warning, and by that time the engine was severely damaged, putting me out for the day,” Morris said. -

- The situation became even more galling later in the day, when the second Production Car race took place in pouring rain. -

- “I love racing in the wet, and I am convinced that I could have won that race. I felt sick, watching some of our top opposition spinning cars all over the place, and having to play the role of spectator,” Morris said. -

- The Brit plans to race in South Africa again next season, though final plans have not been formulated. -

- “With the top Production Car class racing on slick race tyres next year, the formula should really provide world-class spectacle, and I want to be part of the action,” Morris said. -

- “That apart, I love visiting this country and competing here - I have made far too many friends to not return,” he added.

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