In Class A8 and the overall championship, there will be a no holds barred fight between Serge Damseaux/Robert Paisley in their Team Castrol Toyota RunX RSi and Jan Habig/Douglas Judd in their BP Volkswagen Racing Golf 4. Habig currently leads the overall driver standings with 125 points followed by Serge Damseaux with 119 points. The scoring system changes however, because competitors have to drop their worst rally of the season. Only 7 of the 8 rallies count towards the championship. Serge Damseaux’s drop is his non finish at the SASOL Rally earlier this year. Habig so far, has completed all his rallies and his worst rally counts for 16 points. With the mathematics done Serge Damseaux leads by 10 points.

Serge Damseaux said that the outcome depended on how the next two rallies go. He said that he likes the Subaru Cape Rally and that it has always been good to them. “We look forward to it,” he said. When asked what he expects of the rally, he said that they would take it as it comes. In parting he said that the support at the Cape Rally is always great.

Habig said that their aim is to win the championship and that they cannot afford a non finish. He hopes for a good road position and points. He said that for him the actual rally starts on the Saturday where he hopes for a good starting position, which in his opinion is third on the road. He said that in the past they’ve always done well at the Subaru Cape Rally and added that the car is ready.

Disaster struck for Enzo Kuun, who is a likely non-starter, due to injuries sustained after an accident whilst out on his Quad Bike. Kuun threw the championship wide open when he and navigator Guy Hodgson won the Mountain Trial in their BP Volkswagen Racing Golf 4 a few weeks ago.

In Class A7 Jean Pierre Damseaux/Cobus Vrey in their Team Total Toyota Corolla RXi and Hergen Fekken/Dave Lewkowicz in their BP Volkswagen Polo will take each other on. Three points separate them in the class title and nine points in the overall standings. Currently, Jean Pierre Damseaux leads Fekken in both championships. From a points perspective both have dropped their worst rally in the form of non-finishes. In the overall standings Jean Pierre Damseaux looks a serious threat to the number six spot, displacing the more powerful N4 contenders like Mally Saville and Nicolas Ryan.

Fekken indicated that he will give it his all. He said that they have to win both remaining rallies if they want to win the class title. To accomplish this task, he said they will go at one speed and that is “flat out”.

JP Damseaux wants to do well at his home rally and aims to widen the gap in points. “We want to beat him (Fekken) in this rally and extend the lead by six points. This will make us more comfortable than him”. He said that if Fekken beats them, they would be equal for the last event (Great North Rally). He said: “In the past Malmesbury hasn’t been good at all and I hope this time all goes well”.

Craig Trott/John Costa in their Team Total Toyota Corolla RSi will have to fend off Jakkie Joubert/Willie van Straaten in their JoJo Tanks Toyota Corolla RSi if they want to win the A6 Class championship.

For Nkosinathi Nzimande/Derek Jacobs in their BP Volkswagen Racing Citi Golf who leads by a comfortable margin, this could only be a formality to tie up the A5 class championship. Closest rival in his Team Sasol VW Citi Golf, Gugu Zulu’s two finishes to Nzimande’s four of the six rallies run so far, have cost him dearly. Zulu trails Nzimande by 13 points and will want to make up as much lost ground as possible.

In Class N4 Schalk Burger/Vito Bonafede in their Subaru WRX STi have a comfortable lead and looks set to take the Production Car championship. Rivals Johnny Gemmell/Greg Godrich in their Mitsubishi EVO 7, lost valuable points due to a non-start at the Mountain Trial following a dispute over the way their start order was determined. Godrich said they withdrew on principal and that the way their start order was drawn didn’t comply with the supplementary regulations. This issue is still under review. This hurt their chances in the N4 championship. For second place it is a three-way fight between Gemmel/Godrich, Nicolas Ryan/Brian Carrihill and Mally Saville/Deon Redelinghuys in their Subaru WRX STi.

Charl Wilken/Robin Houghton in their Team Castrol Toyota RunX RSi has Rodney Visagie/Carolyn Swan in their Team Total Toyota RunX RSi hot on their heels in Class N3. Wilken/Houghton have the slight advantage, having clinched their regional championship, which can only be a morale booster going into this national.

The father and son pair, Jon and Doug Williams in their Trident Press Toyota Corolla RXi have edged closer to Chris de Wit/Patrick Yende in their Team Total Toyota Corolla RXi in Class N2, trailing them by seven points. A home ground advantage may count well in favour of the Williams’s.

Seven points separate leaders Eugene Lourens/Janine Labuschagne in their Team Total Toyota Tazz from Gary Swemmer/Peter Davison in their VW Citi Golf 1400i.

The first car will start from the House of Subaru Culemborg at 12:15 on Friday 17 September to proceed to the start of stage one at Goedehoop. Rally fans should not miss the action at Killarney that will start at 17:00 PM where three blistering tar stages will be run. The highlight being the mirror image course run between two cars matched in class. This will round of day one with top class action.

On Saturday, stage six starts at Tiekiedraai for more action and drama as crew and machine will take each other on for the final day of the CPMCC Subaru Cape Rally. The winning car is expected back at Killarney for the final stage at 16:00 PM.

A factor that may well throw a spanner in the works of the championship is the weather. At the moment, rain is predicted that would give the N4 class cars an advantage because they are four wheel driven. A reminder of this is Johnny Gemmell winning the Subaru Cape Rally a few years ago in rainy conditions.

Entrance Fee for Killarney for both Friday and Saturday is R30. (Must produce Friday’s ticket for Saturday). Saturday entry fee is R20. Food and refreshments will be on sale.

Spectators are reminded to adhere to the instructions of the marshals at the various spectator points.

Specator Guides and maps will be available at the rally and will also be in this week’s Drive Times, Die Burger, Cape Ads and 48 Hours.

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