Team Ford Racing has high hopes for the final round of the South African Off-Road Championship, presented by ABSA. The Carnival City Casino 400 is due to be held in and around Carnival City, on Saturday 15th November with an 18 km prologue on Friday the 14th.

With the course containing 70% new track, the drivers are a little apprehensive about what lies in store for them. Nevertheless, feeling confident is the Class T pairing of Neil Woolridge and Kenny Skjoldhammer. “We’ve had a few teething problems this season, but after the performance of our “Built Ford Tough” Ranger in Lydenburg, we’ve seen that it is right on the pace of the competition, if not a little faster,” explains Woolridge.

Again, the Class T duo is hoping for rough conditions. “We still believe that the Ranger can outperform all of the competition in rough and ready racing conditions and we’ve heard that the Carnival City course is very rough and rocky,” continues Woolridge. “This is great for us and our Ranger.”

He may not be one for predictions, but as far as the championship is concerned, Woolridge is waiting in anticipation for next season. “There are a few rule changes that should make the championship a lot more competitive. And with the pace and ruggedness of our “Built Ford Tough” Ranger underneath us, we’re sure to give the competition more than a run for its money.”

Team Ford Racing’s Class E duo of Manfred Schröder and Jack Peckham are looking forward to a fantastic finale to the season. “We’re feeling exceptionally confident for Carnival City. The car was outstanding at the last race in Mpumalanga and handled beautifully,” says Schröder.

“We really think we can pull off a class win this race,” he continues. “Again, it all comes down to the prologue. With 3 laps of 6 km each, we’re all going to be starting on top of each other. It is going to be a tough job, just the kind of thing our “Built Ford Tough” Ranger was intended for.”

Although confident, the Class E team is still hoping for rain. “We’re hoping for the same kind of race that we had at Carnival City in 2001. That kind of weather really separates the boys from the men, and our Ranger is definitely a man’s car.”

The Carnival City Casino 400 will once again be one of the most spectator-friendly events on the calendar. The course will consist of 3 loops of 135 km each and will include farmlands, rocky outcrops and a few muddy patches should the highveld rains persist.

The prologue, consisting of two loops of 6 km each, will commence at 13:00 on Friday 14th November to determine the starting order for Saturday’s main event, with the first vehicles starting at 8:00 am. The first finishers are expected at around 13:30.

Original article from Car