Young Sabat Batteries Racing rising star David Veringa has won the 2003 SA Formula Vee championship. -

- Driving his Sabat Rhema VW, David did what he had to in order to maintain the strong lead he has held throughout the year - his fourth place in heat one of the closely fought weekend's races at the Wesbank Raceway was good enough to clinch his hard earned title. Veringa follows in the footsteps of some of SA's greatest drivers who went on to great international racing successes after winning a Formula Vee championship... -

- "I'm so delighted and so proud," David beamed after the race. "It's been a most nerve racking coupe of months as we consolidated our lead against some tough opposition, but now we've done it and it's just brilliant!" -

- "I need to thank my sponsor Sabat - without them it wouldn't have been possible and it's great to be involved with such an enthusiastic and important team. "And my dad who prepared the car so well, and mom, who was right there all the way." -

- "Formula Vee has been a brilliant experience -I'd also like to thank all my rivals for a great couple of years racing. This weekend, as usual, both races were fabulous - as always, there was a great spirit ..." -

- David ran his season with the head of a highly experienced driver on his young shoulders, winning several times and finishing consistently well as he built up a strong title lead by mid season. From there, the Sabat Batteries Racing driver concentrated on consolidating his lead right through to the weekend's races, where the elated lad celebrated an impressive title win. -

- Before racing in Formula Vee, David endured an under-financed karting career, but still always showed well. He switched to Formula Vee in 2002. That series, which rewards driver skill and car preparation better than big money makes for success in karting, soon saw the fast learning young Veringa quickly emerge as a front runner. -

- The Veringa team - that's David, his dad Kenny who prepared the Sabat Rhema and ever-present mom Alison - secured Sabat Batteries backing during '02 and attacked 2003 with a vengeance. The rest, as they say, is now history and David can write SA Formula Vee Champion behind his name as he progresses further in motor sport. -

- For next year, David has his eye on Formula Ford and if his recent testing times are anything to go by, regulars in SA's premier single seater class should have quite a lot to think about...

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