The Zwartkops Off Road Academy (ZORA) has added a new dimension to the multi-discipline instruction development and motorsport facility at Zwartkops International World of Motoring on the R55, Pretoria West. -

- The 4x4 track has been established under the guidance and principles as recommended by the ASSOCIATION FOR ALL WHEEL DRIVE CLUBS OF SOUTH AFRICA (AAWDC) and the Minister of Transport. -

- The growth in the leisure and outdoor market has seen an increasing number of SUV - Special Utility Vehicles - and other four-wheel drive vehicles flooding our roads. Whilst the majority of manufacturers of these vehicles provide a basic driving course as part of the delivery package of these vehicles, it is significant that 90% of claims lodged with insurance companies for SUV and four wheel drive vehicles are road related accidents with the vast majority of these relating to driver error. -

- ZORA's main focal point will be vehicle and driving instruction packages to address the difference in vehicle behaviour, between normal passenger vehicles and their more robust counterparts - the four-wheel drive derivative. The driving courses will address real life situations such as handling disciplines for vehicles in normal and wet conditions, preparation of vehicles for off road excursions, the difference created by loads on these vehicles and towing techniques. -

- Typical courses offered are collision avoidance techniques - a wet weather simulation on the Sasol DualFuel skidpan; high performance driving techniques - a tar road experience on the exciting Zwartkops High Performance Circuit, advance four wheel drive techniques - getting you in touch with your vehicle's capabilities, and your own limitations. -

- Even the aspect of towing is addressed through towing technique courses. For the more safety- conscious, a hijack prevention course is also included. -

- The most significant course of all will be the 4x4 environment adaptation discipline. This course will enable participants to be able to use their vehicles in environmentally sensitive areas without threat to the environment and under full recognition of the authorities. -

- The facility and courses are unique in every sense as you can experience real off-road conditions, wet road simulations and high performance runs all in one day, on a fully integrated facility. -

- For more information contact Douw de Boer on 084 433 2220 or Hennie Vermaak on 084 473 8820 or visit -


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