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Audi Q5




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Posted by: Priscilla Bodi
Submitted: 09-01-2013
I would like to buy either Q5 or Q3 but donot undertstand the major difference between the two cars. my budget is R400,000 which is about US$50 000
Posted by: Mambo
Submitted: 19-01-2013
Q3 despite quattro in most models is pretty much for onroad use, Q5 has some offroad hope as a softroader on weekends. Driving position of both is higher than sedan - Q3 handles more like a golf, Q5 a bit more like an A4 - seating position subjectively feels higher in Q3 than Q5. At R400K unless you're buying preowned you're not going to find much. Go search for reviews online and visit a dealer and figure out what you want and expect from your vehicle.
Posted by: stephen
Submitted: 15-09-2018
we have the Audi Q5 automatic - there is a clunking through the early gears - around 20 mph anyone else had this problem
Posted by: Arnold
Submitted: 10-03-2019
Hi is it advisable to buy a audi q5 2.0 dti 2011 manual with 180000km on it with a fsh at the dealer?
Posted by: Fraser
Submitted: 29-03-2019
2018 Audi Q 5 be very careful - I am an Audi fan and although the 2018 Q 5 is one of the best drives we have had the following issues since we purchased the car New. Most of these are widely reported and you will find on other forums so if you are interested closely quiz Audi about these: 1) The ABS auto calibration clicking felt on the accelerator peddle of first drive of the day at about 40 km per hour, its annoying eventually you just ingnore it but I have never had this on any Audi before 2) Drivers side electric window mechanisms has failed twice - also a reported issue 3) The coolant bottle and system became contaminated and dis - couloured making it unreadable. Despite flushing by Audi eventually had to be replaced. But now we have a coolant leak under the car. 4) Break peddle spring clangs 5) Rear suspension noises when going over spead bumps As you know dealers dont carry parts so picture all the above, car does in, a day to "diagnose" then we have to wait for parts....and of course no courtesy car EVER !
Posted by: Frank
Submitted: 19-04-2019
Good day I looking for an engine(CDN) for my 2011 Audi Q5. Whatare the prices for New, Reconditioned or used engines? Thanks

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