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South Africans love their hatchbacks but what they love even more, are budget hatchbacks. The reason for this is self-explanatory. They are economical to run, cheap to maintain and even sometimes relatively cool. And, they make so much sense in a strained economic climate.

FORD is well-known for its budget hatchback entry, the Figo, which is essentially a toned-down Fiesta – not a bad offering considering it has most of the bells and whistles without the basic price-tag of a Fiesta. Now, Ford has decided to rekindle the Figo badge with a new champion. So what’s new?

For starters, the Figo will be available in two body styles: The familiar five-door hatchback will live on, while a new four-door sedan shape will join the ranks, adding even more practicality to the range.

The energetic styling on the Figo is complemented by a trapezoidal grille, suggestive of the EcoBoost range, with a raked bonnet and bold headlamps.

Taking over the torch from its predecessor, the new Figo will still have a wide variety of petrol and diesel engine derivatives, while a choice of automatic or manual transmissions will put the power on the road.

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