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Posted by: Nokulunga
Submitted: 16-02-2017
How much is the installment of new ford figo
Posted by: Ungela Wilken
Submitted: 04-03-2017
Hi daar, Het julle enige ford figo diesel 2016 demo modelle asseblief ? Indien wel kleur hoeveel kilometer. Baie dankie Ungela Wilken
Posted by: Admin replied to Ungela Wilken
Submitted: 08-03-2017
Hi UNGELA, druk die contact handelaar knoppie om antwoord te kry.
Posted by: Msizi
Submitted: 01-05-2017
Wow this is very beautiful.much better compare to the old model Figo.wish to own 1
Posted by: Maduma Norman
Submitted: 24-05-2017
Wow,what a car gentle ppl. I wish I cud drive and possess it. I really like it. So small,beautiful & affordable.
Posted by: mohau
Submitted: 12-07-2017
Does the new ford figo sports use petrol as well? Please send me a quotation on
Posted by: mpumelel
Submitted: 12-08-2017
hi. i just recently purchased a ford figo 2017 about 4 months ago, "ser on " just appeared on the dashboard please let me know if anyone knows whatsup
Posted by: Admin replied to mpumelel
Submitted: 14-08-2017
Found This "I had the same issue after my first service was done.'Service on' reminder with a spanner symbol was showing up in the MID when the key was primed for a crank.At that point,I tried to keep the MID toggle stalk pressed for a few moments and voila! the reminder vanished.You guys can try it and see if that works for you.Otherwise Ford service stations must have a definite solution to the issue. (My car is a TDCi)"
Posted by: Lunghi
Submitted: 09-09-2017
My ford dingo used to flick the hazard twice when i lock it and switch off the park lights. Now it does not flick it just switches off the lights and locks. What is the problem?
Posted by: Kenneth
Submitted: 14-09-2017
My Ford Figo has 4 beeps then a second break and then another 4 beeps what could this mean?
Posted by: Noncedo
Submitted: 11-10-2017
How much could be the installment
Posted by: John replied to Noncedo
Submitted: 12-10-2017
click on the contact a dealer tab to get full finance deal.
Posted by: Angela
Submitted: 14-11-2017
How much is the monthly instalment for ford figo
Posted by: Admin replied to Angela
Submitted: 17-11-2017
Click on the contact a dealer tab to get info on price, finance and specials.
Posted by: Magda
Submitted: 07-12-2017
I have purchased a Ford figo 2017 5 month ago milage only on 6000 now I receive a ser on with a spanner what can that mean
Posted by: Philisiwe replied to Magda
Submitted: 11-03-2018
Hi I'm experiencing the same problem, what was going on?
Posted by: Nono
Submitted: 06-05-2018
My Ford figo is 4 months old milage only on 5800 now it's showing 'ser on' with a can i fix this?
Posted by: Ray
Submitted: 07-05-2018
I don't know where you get your stats from, but it's not accurate at all. The titanium doesn't have cruise control, it doesn't have a sunroof, and it can definitely not tow 2000kg
Posted by: Siya
Submitted: 08-05-2018
Hi All I Have a 2012 1.4 Ford figo and it has a starting problem, has anyone else experienced this issue?
Posted by: Dulla
Submitted: 11-05-2018
Hi can any1 assist me. Im struggling to loosen the rack end on a ford figo 2014 model
Posted by: Aileen
Submitted: 04-06-2018
hi everyone, I bought a new shape Figo in 2016 and it's a lovely car make no mistake, but it is really heavy on fuel for a hatch back. I get 14.6/100km. Maximun 420kms per tank. I have asked the dealreship to check it for me when it went in for it's 1rst service but they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I don't drive like a bat out of hell, I'm very conservative with my driving style. I just can't understand how the needle can drop from full to 3/4 in three days - approximately 150kms later. Please can someone help me with this as I am ready to park it and walk...

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