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Hyundai H 100




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Posted by: Pat Gain
Submitted: 19-04-2016
Please tell me what the fuel tank capacity on the HYUNDAI H100 2.6D F/C D/S 21013 is
Posted by: kaysely
Submitted: 27-12-2016
Hallo im interested in buying a h100 hyundai hw mch instalment or do you dorent to buy i
Posted by: azaz
Submitted: 28-04-2017
hi I like Hyundai h100 but that side mirrors is not right evry h100 when Sam vehicles over take we caant see you have to changes that's mirror you must see Kia side mirror is tow parts mirror plise you must change plies I don't won't to daed in h100 plise i dreve every day 60km
Posted by: Chantelle Ludik
Submitted: 19-05-2017
Can someone please tell me what the bin dimensions and weight is including sides as I need to collect one for a client and must see if it would fit my trailer thanks. Tel no 0822629529
Posted by: dennis
Submitted: 24-06-2017
Hi, I have an 08 H100. I can't afford a mechanic and my brake lights don't work. I've checked the fuse, bulbs and writing, they seem to be fine. What could be the problem?
Posted by: Sphe
Submitted: 01-10-2017
Hi,how much is the monthly installment of your h100
Posted by: Admin replied to Sphe
Submitted: 03-10-2017
Click on the contact a dealer tab to get the finance info.
Posted by: Jako Smith
Submitted: 27-12-2017
I bought a new H100 this year at the end of October 2017. My view and without prejudice that it is was my worst business decision for this year. I only had it for two months and now I have an oil leak that needs to be resolved and fixed. Besides the leak, my H100 is now in a workshop for two days, as Hyundai needs to get replacement parts. Customer service and care were not at the order of the day. I feel let down by Hyundai as a customer and a business owner. Might consider other brands such as Kia or Toyota.
Posted by: Salamander replied to Jako Smith
Submitted: 28-12-2017
Interesting...I'm also in the market for either a Hyundai H100 or Kia K2700. After sales service is crucial when it comes to my final decision.If this is the case i will rather consider the Kia or even JMC Carrying instead of Hyundai.Where are you based Jako?
Posted by: TINUS SWART
Submitted: 17-01-2018
Completely under powered. Best in town.
Posted by: jabari
Submitted: 23-03-2018
where can u buy the rubbers that is on the drop sides
Posted by: michael
Submitted: 21-11-2018
Posted by: Andrew
Submitted: 06-05-2019
Can anyone tell me how on earth to solve this oil leak problem i am having, Ive just been spending money on oil and repairs. I am fed up of this vehicle. DO NOT BUY

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